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‘Heartstopper’ star Kit Connor addresses gay rumors on Twitter

Everyone and their mothers seem to be watching Heartstopper, the gay, teen series now streaming on Netflix. Actor Kit Connor, 18, plays Nick Nelson, a star rugby player who develops romantic feelings for gay peer Charlie Spring (Joe Locke).

Nick ultimately comes out as bisexual in season one, and apparently that’s led to more than a bit of online speculation about Connor’s own sexuality.

And yes, he’s seen the chatter.

Posting to Twitter, Connor responded to his fans’ overactive imaginations. “Twitter is so funny man,” he wrote, “apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do…”

Fans quickly chimed in to support the young actor, reminding him that no one has the right to assume someone’s sexuality based on a performance.

Heartstopper has earned wide praise for the tenderness with which it treats its subject matter. That extends to British TV personality Phillip Schofield, who fought back tears while interviewing the stars of the show.

Locke and Connor stopped by the Britain’s This Morning to sit down with Schofield and his co-host Holly Willoughby on April 28. For Schofield, who publicly came out as gay at age 58 in 2020, seeing the acceptance with which friends and family greet Nick and Charlie proved more emotional than he expected.

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