Not Afraid Of Angelina

Hellish Fear Kept Beth Ditto In The Closet

Gay entertainer Beth Ditto hasn’t always been so outspoken. Apparently The Gossip singer’s Arkansas-based family didn’t approve of the gays.

Ditto explains,

It was harder admitting I was a lesbian to myself than it was to tell my Mum about it because I’d been brought up to be so scared of going to hell. “But my mum had six kids and some of them did really bad things, so I thought: ‘Well there are worse things I could do.’

Meanwhile, Ditto also has some words for “bisexual” Angelina Jolie, “If she were a lesbian, or had lesbian tendencies, she’d be with a woman not a man.” Ooo, girl, them’s fighting words. Our money’s on Ditto, but only because we’re afraid of her curvaceous wrath.