Help Send FatBoyGetDown to The Biggest Loser

We last saw John — a Boston fella who, at age 27, weighs 750 pounds — when he was responding to his YouTube audience about whether or not he is gay. (Draw your own conclusions.) But all of his videos on the user account “fatboygetdown” have since been pulled. Even the one that’d been seen nearly a million times, where he is dancing shirtless. Is it because John is deciding to do something with is life? Yes. He wants to be on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Plenty of folks would conclude that John’s videos were embarrassing. Possibly so. But we’re enthralled with his new mission: Get on The Biggest Loser. If you’ve never seen the weight-loss reality show, you’re missing out. Yes, it’s a spectacle, but it’s also some of the most gut-wrenching, tear-inducing television on primetime. Yes, more than Grey’s Anatomy. The best part of the show are the “reveals,” when the formerly obese reveal their new svelte selves. This isn’t about pointing fingers are heavy people. It’s about celebrating their will power — of which we have none! — and dedication to living healthy lives.

So we’re joining John’s plight to get him on The Biggest Loser. John pleads that you make his case to producers by writing to:

The Biggest Loser Casting
c/o Central Park West Productions
P.O Box 10037
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-0578

if you know of any other way to contact them.. DO IT!!! lets ALL MAKE IT HAPPEN…..I will do it for me, I will work hard for me and I will work hard for you….

my PROMISE TO YOU, i will work as hard as I can to get most of this weight off now so that I will be ready for the show…. I know theres no promises I will even get on the show but its worth a shot.. POWER OF THE FANS!!!!!!!!!! MY FANS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

help me get on one of the seasons of the biggest loser.. lets make it happen.. you saw me dance in my videos now how about seeing me work out and change my life..

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  • terrwill

    Sorry we don’t need another negative stereotype of a Gay nellie queen on TV. The Biggest Loser does have some really motivated people on it, wanting to lose weight to get healthy, live longer and more productive lives. Not for more attention……

  • rodrigo

    Well, I am glad he is at least trying to get onto a show to lose weight! I mean he finally got the initiative to make a positive change in his life…as for getting attention…well it is reality tv!!

  • extrabatteries

    you dont need the biggest loser to get fit. you need to want to get fit, and begging to get on tv is a sad new reality in lazy america.

  • torrentialsmile

    @ extrabatteries.

    Exactly. Its slavish behavior which is at the heart of the problem. Keeping Up Appearances meets Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Sick (but,when can I tune in).

    Take stock of your situation. Think about solutions. Continue thinking about them or pick one and do. Its that simple.

  • extrabatteries

    @torrentialsmile – plus everyone knows, if you want to lose weight you go on survivor. you lose weight and get a million dollars.

  • Fitz

    He (no one) needs something as flip as “The Biggest Looser”. He has a life threatening condition.

  • GlennSixty1

    Well, the fat slob did not make it on to the Biggest Loser as though it as a surprise to anyone.
    Next he need to be thrown off the welfare dole so he can get motivated to get up and go to work like the rest of us. [img][/img]

  • GlennSixty1

    A “self inflicted” Life Threatening condition……

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