Here is Vin Diesel Dancing to Beyonce, For Your Pleasure

Internet darling and lovable scamp Vin Diesel has danced away with our hearts after posting an adorable dancing selfie video.

All the other sexy people in the world can go home now. Ms. Diesel is the winner.

Here are the best parts, in order:

– When he grabs his crotch, over and over. This is his primary dance move.
– When he sticks out his tongue at 1:50. Don’t open your mouth that wide unless you want us to do something with it, girl.
– His contemplative sway before the window at 2:50. Do you think the neighbors can see in through that glass door? Can you imagine glancing out your window and seeing Vin Diesel swaying thoughtfully across the alley? If that happened, how quickly would you take your pants off?
– Just gabbin with the gals at 4:30. He’s probably saying something interesting here but we were too busy listening to the heaving muscles in his shoulders.
– A little spin at 6:06.
– Surfboarting at 6:50.
– When Vin’s boyfriend comes up behind him and starts grinding against his butt. That happened in our heads.

The reason for this masterpiece is apparently that a lot of people are buying a movie that he made, so congratulations Vin Diesel. Congratulations world. This is a happy day for everyone.