Here is Vin Diesel Dancing to Beyonce, For Your Pleasure

Internet darling and lovable scamp Vin Diesel has danced away with our hearts after posting an adorable dancing selfie video.

All the other sexy people in the world can go home now. Ms. Diesel is the winner.

Here are the best parts, in order:

– When he grabs his crotch, over and over. This is his primary dance move.
– When he sticks out his tongue at 1:50. Don’t open your mouth that wide unless you want us to do something with it, girl.
– His contemplative sway before the window at 2:50. Do you think the neighbors can see in through that glass door? Can you imagine glancing out your window and seeing Vin Diesel swaying thoughtfully across the alley? If that happened, how quickly would you take your pants off?
– Just gabbin with the gals at 4:30. He’s probably saying something interesting here but we were too busy listening to the heaving muscles in his shoulders.
– A little spin at 6:06.
– Surfboarting at 6:50.
– When Vin’s boyfriend comes up behind him and starts grinding against his butt. That happened in our heads.

The reason for this masterpiece is apparently that a lot of people are buying a movie that he made, so congratulations Vin Diesel. Congratulations world. This is a happy day for everyone.

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  • jimbryant

    That thick lisp of his! It’s adorable!!!

    I wouldnt’ be surprised if he’s grabbed a few male crotches in his life. Darling, Vin, where have you beeeen…..

  • GQ83

    I love this dude. haha

  • Beachman

    I’ve seen this diva at Equinox in WEHO several times, and at least for this clip he buthced it up….that closet door is going to burst open one of these days. Maybe this is the first crack…

  • millhouse

    Hey girl hey!

    Twirl aside, what is up with his creepy, beatdown, hand-slapping move around the 6-minute mark?

  • Scribe38

    So cute and playful. There isn’t any reason to throw shade at the guy. He did this for his fans.

  • spencer87

    He’s a cutie,but terrible dancer.Stick to be sexy.


    Can’t make my mind up whether he’s ugly-cute or ugly-ugly with distractingly sexy body

  • HirsuteOne

    Thanks for sharing this…it was fun!

  • queertyreader

    Vin Diesel is sexy. If only he didn’t perform to Beyoncé – can’t stand this woman ever since I heard she produced a clothing line with fur.

  • Kangol

    So sexy. Love him shaking those broad shoulders and lean hips.

  • Stefano

    He is so sexy ! Woof

  • balehead

    So straight men can’t dance……Nice Bullying gays…

  • Louis

    is this guy even gay friendly? Must we once again drool over some guy who has NEVER once said anything gay positive or supportive? Smh never ends .

  • Brandon

    Its a little weird for a big buff actor to post a video of himself singing and dancing to Katy Perry… But more power to him! Maybe he will on Queerty’s list of People who came out in 2014!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    He undoubtedly has sexiness in spades. Nice body without looking like a steroid freak who lives at the gym. Alas, I can’t say much for the dancing or his movies.

  • cestmua

    Manhood at its loveliest.

  • GeeTom

    He is so sexy. No need to diss the man,if he’s not your type. Got to have me some Van Diesel love!

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