Here’s What Blake Skjellerup Has To Say To Closeted Athletes

Blake Skjellerup 2My advice has always been the same for gay athletes: Your sport is what makes up who you are more than your sexuality. It’s the biggest part of your life. You do it day-in and day-out. Number one, you need to make sure you’re supported to begin with. The last thing you want to have is to lose your position in your sport. I know for some people that has happened, and that’s a sad situation, but I think as we progress, it isn’t going to happen anymore because there are people out there who are creating awareness and supporting those people who want to come out. We’ve seen a lot of great movement, especially in the college level where athletes are being supported and are coming out, and the teams, colleges, everybody is getting behind them. That’s just going to trickle down to more universities, more colleges, and it’s going to make it easier for everybody.”


Blake Skjellerup, Olympian speed skater and Gay Games ambassador, offering advice to LGBT athletes who haven’t yet come out publicly in a new interview with CleveScene