gay panic

Hermilio Moralez Beat Teenage Friend Joshua Wilkerson To Death Over Alleged Sexual Advances

Texas authorities have arrested 19-year-old Hermilio Moralez on murder charges after allegedly beating to death his friend of five years Joshua Wilkerson, 18, and burning his body after Wilkerson supposedly made sexual advances toward the teen during a ride home from school.

Confessing to beating Wilkerson (pictured, left) with a large wooden stick, Moralez says his Pearland’s Pace Institute classmate stopped moving after the beating — but it was in self-defense, since Wilkerson supposed grabbed the wooden rod first. Wilkerson had been missing since yesterday after failing to come home from school. When Moralez was leading police to the body, which was found with hands and feet bound, officers say he lunged for a cop’s gun and had to be restrained. Cue gay panic defense. “While this is not the end that we had hoped for, we had to know something,” says Joshua’s mother Laura. “They have helped us to bring a little sense of closure for us.”

An absolute nightmare.