Hey NOM, We Got Your Marriage Pledge Right Here

It seems like marriage vows are all the rage this GOP primary. First we had THE FAMiLY LEADER’s pro-slavery “Marriage Vow”, then the National Organization for Marriage’s marriage pledge asking GOP candidates to “Appoint a presidential commission to investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters” (a position they’ve slightly backed off of). And now the NOM-watchdog site NOM Exposed has issued their own marriage pledge… but it’s not for politicians, it’s for you.

The NOM Exposed marriage pledge asks Americans to reject DOMA and any proposed constitutional banning marriage equality, to ask their political representatives to help repeal DOMA and protect the judiciary from “the far-right agenda” and to critically question claims of “anti-religious harassment” and the public’s right to vote on civil rights oft repeated by NOM and their ilk.

Maybe we should all sign these, post them as our Facebook walls and then replace our profile pictures with the icon on the left to raise awareness and encourage our friends to support the pledge too. Who knows? With enough people doing it, we could help raise awareness against NOM and their faux-religious claims.

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  • the crustybastard

    Reason doesn’t work on these extremists. Know what does?

    Painting them as bigots, bullies and fascists — which they are.

    That’s been hurting them bad, and freaking them out. They’re losing this fight.

    Take off the gloves. They did.

  • Jim Hlavac

    The most hysterical thing is that every year there are several hundred gay “protests” (aka, pride rallies, or as perhaps we should call them now: “Honor Rallies,” since it is Honor we want, indeed,) with tens of thousands of participants & votes FOR marriage! — and NOM and the FRC can only gin up two or three dozen supporters at one of their pitiful “rallies” that are Against marriage. Which shows their “values” are shared by less and less of the public. NOM & FRC, and the rest all like to proclaim they’re “grassroots” as they wield millions of dollars from political fundraising and have lobbyist offices in Washington, and fancy lawyers doing their bidding with our gay tax dollars.

    Meanwhile, we gays are the best grassroots politicos ever come to this nation – for we didn’t go door to door to seek change; or lobby Congress much. No, we went from kitchen table to kitchen table, talking to our families first, independently of each other, with no coordination whatsoever — and we didn’t need some committee meeting, policy paper, political access, field director, bus tour or fundraising to do it. Egad, Santorum, Gallagher and Perkins are such political failures it’s almost pitiful to watch.

  • Shannon1981

    @the crustybastard: Yup.. We just gotta keep shaming them publicly. Let the world see how crazy it all is. And Queerty, stop apologizing for being gay. Gloves are off on my end. What about yours?

  • Skeloric

    @Jim Hlavac: While only the truly insane show up for the rally, there are still folks who regularly declare they are in solidarity with us yet secretly vote against us every chance they get.
    (NOM gets its millions from the ones who would rather NOT be seen at a rally so they send money on the sly — if NOM ever had to make that list public, they’d cease to exist within a week because they’d get no more money EVER.)

  • Riker

    @Skeloric: NOM gets its millions from the Catholic and LDS churches.

  • MattGMD

    Bring back the lions.

  • Cam

    And never forget. NOM is a construct of the Mormon and the Catholic church, funded by them to avoid the rules against churches funding political pushes.

    They are funding bigotry and trying to use church resources and funds to affect our govt. in breach of the law. Why do you think NOM has refused to give out their list of donors even though courts have ordered them to?

  • Fred Karger

    I will not sign any pledges as I run for President of the United States, but if I did, I would love to sign this one.

  • Cam

    @Fred Karger:

    Wow, what a convenient excuse. “I won’t sign a pledge because “PLEDGES” are bad…doesn’t matter what they say. (Eye Roll)

  • Robert in NYC

    I can’t see the point in courts ordering NOM to disclose it’s donor list when those very courts don’t seem to be pursuing any violations of those orders. Makes no sense at all.

  • Little Kiwi

    question to my fellow gays: do those of you who want to marry want to get married in a building that promotes anti-gay bigotry, by a religious leader who hates gay people and thinks we’re sinful hell-bound deviants?

    i didn’t think so. call me crazy, but should I choose to marry it’ll be in a place that accepts and embraces LGBT people, and our love, and the service will be performed by someone who isn’t a bigot.

    i mean, there are more than enough religious/spiritual/civil leaders out there who support us – it’s not like we’re gonna seek out a bigot to perform our weddings. it’s a wedding day. we’re gonna want nice people around.

    the RCC and the LDS have nothing to worry about. literally.

  • Cam

    @Little Kiwi: said…

    “the RCC and the LDS have nothing to worry about. literally.”

    They have nothing to worry about because constitutionally they can never be forced to marry people.

    Catholic priests can’t be forced to marry Jews in their churches. Mormons don’t even ALLOW non Mormons into their weddings, etc… So for them to pretend that any gay rights laws would change that is fake.

    Religions can’t be forced to do that no matter what CIVIL rights a group has. All of that is a lie concocted by anti gay bigots to try to keep people from supporting gay rights. If the churches had to follow all civil laws, then the Mormons couldn’t have prevented blacks from joining their church fully for so long. They only changed that rule because of bad P.R.

  • Little Kiwi

    exactly, Cam.

    Canada had its first legal same-sex marriage in 2001. The sky has not fallen. Poor persecute Catholics are not being forced to marry gay couples because no self-respecting gay couple wants some Vatican-defended kidfucker to perform their ceremony.

    it’s our wedding day, people. we’re not going to hire anti-gay bigots to BE at our weddings, let alone perform the services during the ceremony. i mean COME ON.

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