Hey NOM, We Got Your Marriage Pledge Right Here

It seems like marriage vows are all the rage this GOP primary. First we had THE FAMiLY LEADER’s pro-slavery “Marriage Vow”, then the National Organization for Marriage’s marriage pledge asking GOP candidates to “Appoint a presidential commission to investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters” (a position they’ve slightly backed off of). And now the NOM-watchdog site NOM Exposed has issued their own marriage pledge… but it’s not for politicians, it’s for you.

The NOM Exposed marriage pledge asks Americans to reject DOMA and any proposed constitutional banning marriage equality, to ask their political representatives to help repeal DOMA and protect the judiciary from “the far-right agenda” and to critically question claims of “anti-religious harassment” and the public’s right to vote on civil rights oft repeated by NOM and their ilk.

Maybe we should all sign these, post them as our Facebook walls and then replace our profile pictures with the icon on the left to raise awareness and encourage our friends to support the pledge too. Who knows? With enough people doing it, we could help raise awareness against NOM and their faux-religious claims.