Gay Artist's Film Makes Triumphant NY Return

Hey, NYC! Get ‘Luminous’!

Today’s an historic day for art fags. For the first time in fifteen years, American viewers will have the chance to view Steven Arnold’s Luminous Procuress. Via Monkey Town, which hosts the 8:30 screening:

Arnold’s masterwork set the stage for generations of underground homos to come. Follow Arnold and his heroine, asexual 70s scenester Pandora, through an intensely realized journey through the personal mythology of the 70s most underrepresented artist, including references to time spent living with Salvador Dali, on the streets of San Francisco with Holly Woodlawn, and slumming with an as-yet unknown Ellen Burstyn.

When the film came out in 1971, the Village Voice called it “a tour de force of the imagination”. If you’re down to take a trip, head over to 58 N 3rd Street in, where else, Williamsburg.

And, for more info on Arnold, click here.