Hey, Preacher! Leave Those Kids Alone

Marriage Equality U.S.A has a report out that says, in the wee voice of a child, “Prop. 8 Hurt My Family, Ask Me How” that will probably get your blood boiling. We get mad about having our rights away, but we forget how hard this must be for gay parents and their kids. But with stories about how “My six-year old, the day after we lost Prop 8, asked me, with tears running down his face, if we were still a family”, the report brings home [literally], the sort of real-life damage Prop. 8 is doing, covering the individual stories of over 1,200 people.

According to the report, (which you can download here) Prop. 8’s social effects are:

“LGBTI people experience increased verbal abuse, homophobia, physical harm and other discrimination associated
with or resulting from the Prop 8 campaign;

Children of same-sex couples express fear due to direct exposure to homophobia and hate and concerns that the passage of Prop 8 means they could be taken from their families and targeted for further violence;

LGBTI youth and their supporters experience increased bullying at schools as Prop 8’s passage fosters a
supportive environment for homophobic acts of physical and emotional violence;

Straight allies experience the impact of homophobia firsthand and express shock and fear for their LGBTI family members and friends and the danger they may experience if they were perceived as gay or an ally;

Families are torn apart as relatives divide on Prop 8; and

Communities are destroyed from the aftermath of abusive behavior towards them during local street
demonstrations, neighborhood divisions, and the impact of “knowing your neighbor” voted against your family.”