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High School Student Ali Lai Wins Right To Wear ‘I <3 Lady Gay Gay’ T-Shirt

Ali Lai, a student at at Maquoketa High School in eastern Iowa, was following in the footsteps of Tennessee’s Cole Gofort when he wore a “I told Ali to change or turn his shirt inside out. The superintendent backed up that call.

“I don’t think [the shirt is] inappropriate,” says Ali. Neither does classmate Raina Costello, who organized “Gay Is Okay Day,” where some thirty students planned to wear tees with pro-gay slogans printed on them to counter what she thinks is the school’s crack down on First Amendment rights. (Remember, kids: Schools can play with kids’ free speech rights, but only if they can show exercising expression interferes with a school’s normal activities.)

Ali wore the shirt again to school last week. Administrators didn’t say a word — which is exactly how this story was supposed to turn out.