High School Teacher Who Performed “Cup Checks” And Talked Gay Sex With Male Students Convicted

lee.riddle.mug.shot-thumb-480x317“I am dedicated to meeting the needs of each and every student,” read Lee Riddle’s teacher profile on Widefield High School’s web site, but his evaluation of a good education went above and beyond expectations, laws, and common decency.

Stories of sexual misconduct flooded in from male students, and the picture they paint does not look good for Teach.

There are multiple accounts of Riddle performing “cup checks” on teenagers to evaluate if their “dicks were big or small.”

One passage from the court affidavit reads: “Mr. Riddle explained and pointed out a ‘White boy’ and said that his penis was small. He pointed out another boy (who was black) and stated, ‘He was a horse.'”

Another story details the time Riddle grabbed a male student’s nipple in the middle of class, made additional “inappropriate sexual comments” and called the boy “Cutie.”

And it just. Keeps. Going.

Two male students were having a discussion about shoe sizes when Riddle allegedly butted into the conversation and declared, “I am twelve inches.” Then he asked them if they were bisexual.

One of the boys who said he’d gone through the “cup check” routine also alleged Riddle had brought up gay sex in conversation on multiple occasions, and recalled Riddle “telling him that it hurts the first time but it gets better and that the guy on the bottom receives while the guy on top gives.” He added that “Mr. Riddle has touched the inside of his upper thigh and has rubbed the top of his shoulders while in class.”

Then there’s the student who claims Riddle showed him a picture on his cell phone of “a naked male bending over showing his anus.”

And what did a jury have to say about Riddle’s highly shameful teaching methods? Of the eighteen counts of “sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust” that Riddle was charged with, he was convicted of five offenses.

The judge in the case added, “Riddle lacks understanding of the seriousness of his crimes. Although the children were not physically injured…the emotional damage he caused them at a time when they’re exploring their own sexuality is likely severe.”