Hinkle Ain’t Going Nowhere, Despite His Love Of Boy Hookers

Indiana Republican state representative Phil Hinkle got caught trolling for Craigslist sugar babies two weeks ago. His 18-year-old hookup outed the anti-gay politician after a naked Hinkle tried blocking the rentboy’s exit from their hotel hideaway. The Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma called on Hinkle to resign, but Hinkle has said he’s gonna finish out his term and simply not seek re-election.

Instead, Hinkle should seek re-election on a pro-gay, legalized prostitution platform—that way he can write off this whole mess as simply “testing the waters.”

Hinkle says, “I am seeking professional help on what turned me down a road of self-destruction.” He might want to know that Marcus Bachmann’s ex-gay clinic is a short 10 hour, 7 minute drive from Indianapolis with plenty of hotels and truck stops along the way.