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Hired to Coach Christian School’s Girl’s Team, Fired For Not Being Interested In Girls

The Middle Grange School in Christchurch, New Zealand, hired a 28-year-old man to coach its girl’s netball team (similar to basketball). Then they found out he was a gay, and sacked him.

The Christian school’s board of trustees had a wee little problem with their new hire’s tendency to sleep with other dudes, so they fired him. Which is too bad, because the Human Rights Commission looks down upon sexual orientation discrimination. So there was a little legal matter, and the two parties signed a confidential agreement and the coach got some cash. He’s “very happy” with the outcome.

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  • Cam

    So the fact that they had a male coach, with zero change of harrassing, molesting etc… one of the girls was less important to them than his private personal life. The christians have gone completely round the bend now.

    It’s like the Pope freaking out and going on and on about how Ordaining women is an abomonation yet soft peddling child molesting. Who are these nut-jobs!?

  • Phil

    You know assuming that male coaches have a tendency to harass and molest catholic schoolgirls is a porn fantasy and not a real fear. (I mean, I would love me some catholic schoolboys.)

    But to voice that thought is as irritating to me as the thought that a gay coach at an all boys school may harass and molest the schoolboys, so we should get a straight coach. Not really a rational.

  • Cam


    Phil, it isn’t a rational in hiring. I was making that point that their reasons for firing him were no doubt along the lines of “Oh my, we must protect the children from this”. The idea that a gay male coach of a team of young girls is somehow more dangerous than a straight male is ridiculous as there is a zero change of any of those other “Issues” coming up.

  • T.L Miley

    @Phil: Phil it’s not irrational. Most child molestors are STRAIGHT men. That’s fact. Sorry you can’t grasp it. I wouldn’t trust my daughter with a straight men (most are pervs in front of children, especially teenage girls- I mean there was an entire blog started by straight men as to when the Olsen twins would become legal age) generally speaking, gay men are far more responsible.

  • Dawson

    If ENDA passes, it would ignore this case because of the religious affiliation. So, if this happened in the USA it would be 100% legit even if we had a national protection for gay people who get fired for absolutely no reason, which we don’t. So in short, this probably happens here a lot more than you think, but because there is no legal recourse it just stays silent.

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