HIV-Positive Kids Are The New Adoption Rage


The “trickle five years ago to at least several hundred” HIV-positive kids now being adopted in the U.S. are mostly from foreign countries, where there are an estimated 2.5 million poz kids. (America’s gays, of course, are still forbidden from adopting many.) Thankfully House Republicans are seeking cuts to both domestic and foreign HIV/AIDS programs, so those awful parents who volunteer to burden themselves with expensive daily antiretroviral drug routines for desperately needy children can continue suffering economic hardship.

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  • Trevor

    Are you implying that Elton John’s child has HIV?
    Because using this photo to accompany this news story is highly unethical, and at best it’s misleading.
    Does Queerty not have some sort of executive editor or similar position?

  • Bob

    I don’t wish to sound heartless but people who chose to adopt HIV children form other countries should take on the expense of the care for these children; not the American taxpayer. We should be caring for our own citizens first.

  • Collin

    The children who are adopted become citizens of America, so your argument is moot.

  • kayla

    @Bob: As per the current law, once those children touch American soil they are U.S. citizens…Decades ago this was not the case but the law has since changed and now, adopted children are immediately issued U.S. passports. I highly doubt that the families taking in these children are in need of government assistance. They are more than likely falling into the hands of well off parents.

  • Greg McGill

    @Bob It could be argued that, just like “people who chose to adopt HIV children” are responsible, many Americans with HIV made like choices in their lives that put them in an aid reliant position. “We should be caring for our own citizens first”? How about stopping the spread of HIV?

  • Jeffree

    Even where adoption of US-born children by LGB couples or singles is allowed by law, there is still rampant discrimination. People who adopt HIV+ children from abroad or the US, are very often people affiliated with healthcare: MDs, RNs, NPs, etc., and such adoptees are covered through private insurance.

    As stated above, the children become US citizens and are eligible for state/Fed assistance for HIV treatment, but the out of pocket cost is still enormous for the adoptive parents. Since means-testing of potential adoptive parents is still commonplace, any discussion of draining public funds for foreign adoptees is based on ignorance, not facts.

    Sad troll Bob didn’t do his homework, apparently.

  • pickles

    Why is Elton John in this shot? He sperm-built his kid, not an adoption at all. Just another ego-obsessed person adding to overpopulation, rather than helping someone truely desperate.

  • Bob

    I guess this is because I don’t believe in automatic citizenship, and all privileges afforded to (straight) Americans, should be awarded to anyone! And Jeffree, it is sad that you have to rely on name-calling to make your point.

  • greenmusic23f

    @Trevor: @pickles: The child Elton is holding in the picture is an HIV-positive boy from the Ukraine that he tried to adopt but was unable to.

  • Susan

    So, I’m one of those families….a single female minister with lower middle class income and excellent insurance. Before adopting, I had to agree that my child would not become a federal charge, which, as mentioned above becomes a moot point once the child is a citizen. (I don’t expect her to ever become a federal charge–at least not while I’m alive–, but I have no crystal ball.)

    I would like to correct the “automatic citizenship” comment above. Children become citizens automatically if they are adopted under one kind of visa–a visa that requires two in-country visits. Other children (with only one visit) become citizens after re-adoption and applying (and paying for) a US Certificate of Citizenship.

    I really doubt we’re “all the rage”–I’m the only one in my state, but it is becoming increasingly possible to adopt HIV+ children.

  • zhen

    @pickles: he tried to adopt a ukranian kid, that was hiv positive, but they denied his request, because he was too old

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