Hollywood’s Totally Got Independent Spirit!

If you thought Elton John‘s party looked fun, you should check out some pictures from this weekend’s Independent Spirit Awards. Melissa Etheridge may not have won, but Little Miss Sunshine took home a bunch of honors, including best feature and best supporting actor for Alan Arkin.

We’ve included some pictures after the jump. They’re all Polaroidy and shit. It is, after all, a celebration of independent spirits. When you’re done looking them over, you can see more here. They won’t be as big, though. Sorry.

We have to start with America Ferrera from Ugly Betty. Why? Well, her name start with the letter ‘A’, which also happens to start the alphabet. Coincidence or conspiracy or a not-so-clever way to avoid making some “oh she looks so pretty even though she plays an revolting monster on television” comment? (None, really, because we started with Alan Cumming, whose name also starts with ‘A’. Spooky.)

Don’t you adore the look on Daniel Craig’s date, Satsuki Mitchell’s face? We wish we could somehow crush it up and either snort it or bake it in cookies.

Look! It’s John Waters! Doesn’t he look so independent and even more spirited?

We think Christina Ricci has what it takes to be a real star. What’s that? She’s been famous since the dawn of time? Wow. Where have we been?

There’s something a little disturbing about seeing Heath Ledger and Sean Penn having a chat. It’s almost like they’re plotting something. What? We haven’t the foggiest, but we bet it involves three tons of Crisco, a water gun, perhaps a baby elephant and a whole lotta madness! (Which, apparently, is contagious.)

You can tell Felicity Huffman’s an independent spirit because she once played a tranny. Doesn’t get more independent than that, now does it? Okay, okay, it could…we’re just such slaves to the box!

The Campbell kids – Neve and Christian. Aren’t they just the sweetest? Hey, remember when Neve seemed poised to be the next big thing? Yeah, we do, too. God the 90’s were frivolous…

Here’s Cumming again with the photographer, Jeremy Kost. We had to make it slightly larger than the others because, you know, it’s the photographer. And, also, Cumming’s a mo.