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Homes Of 2 Kentucky Gay Couples Vandalized + Burglarized. Are They Hate Crimes?

At two least gay couples had their homes in the Louisville, Kentucky, area burglarized — leading some to suspect the spat of home break-ins are hate crimes. This isn’t pretty.

Keith McGill and Jim Reeves say they lost a TV, cash, and prescription meds — and had their clothes doused with bleach and walls and floors slimed with ketchup soda, and juice — when their home was targeted in September. Later that month, Bob Cundiff (pictured, top) and his partner John say they also had prescription drugs stolen, as well as the same round of food- and laundry-based vandalism with their carpets and clothes. Cundiff also says they “found a shovel and a cane, a big metal cane upstairs. If we’d a came home they would’ve had the shovel and this piece to try to hurt us.” Moreover, according to the news report below, a private love letter was placed out in the open, indicating the burglar knew he or she was targeting a gay couple.

And while police have yet to link the events, The Gays have.

Members of the Fairness Campaign are questioning two burglaries that happened less than a mile from each other. Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, believes the homeowners may have been targeted because they are gay. Hartman said the burglaries were similar. One of the homeowners, Bob Cundiff, said he feels uneasy since it happened. He said his home was ransacked. His carpet and some of his furniture were bleached. “It’s hard to even leave home ’cause you hate to think what you might come back to,” Cundiff said.

In effect, these burglaries could be classified as federal hate crimes if the perpetrators targeted the homes because of the sexuality of their residents. Which would be an interesting application of the Matthew Shepard Act.

But I can understand the obvious appeal of robbing gay houses if you’re into that sort of thing: There’s a good chance we’re going to have half the Pottery Barn catalog and 3-D plasma TVs before anyone else. So, warning to gays: It’s time to swap out that welcome mat reading “Hey, guuuurlllll.” It’s a dead giveaway.