Homophobic Mom Punches Her Kid In Front Of Police After He Comes Out

Mother and son before the attack.

When Emma Green’s son, Scott, came out at a family gathering in Kinross, Scotland, she didn’t take the news well.

The drunken 37-year-old mother of 11 became enraged and unleashed a string of homophobic slurs against her son, calling him a “poof,” a “gaybender,” a “dirty queer,” and telling him he likes to “take cock up the ass.”

Things escalated and police were called. They were in the process of arresting 21-year-old Scott for suspected assault when his mother stumbled over and, in a drunken stupor of rage, punched her gay son in the face.

That’s when the handcuffs came off Scott and were placed on Emma instead. As she was being arrested, she told police: “I’m homophobic! I don’t care! I hate the little gay bender!”

Yesterday, Green, now sober, appeared in court. She admitted to “carrying out an assault ­aggravated by sexual prejudice” against her son.

“She certainly isn’t proud of her actions,” her lawyer, John Adams, said. “She was motivated by his sexual orientation. She has reacted more in anger.”

While he was testifying, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis called Green “stupid” for what she did.

“If she hadn’t been so stupid as to strike her son when he was being held by police officers, nine times out of 10 this wouldn’t have seen the light of day,” he said.

Green was ordered to pay £300 ($495) to her son, who her lawyer claims she’s made amends with since the incident.

“There is no ongoing ill-feeling between them,” he assured the court.

“I just wish none of this had ever happened,” Green said yesterday on her way out of the courthouse. “I’ve got enough on my hands looking after the rest of the family.”