Homos, Homos Everywhere!

We always knew gays have a lot of power, but a new study suggests we may have more political power than anyone imagine. Our sort-of friends over at ABC report:

The size of the “out” gay electorate is higher than the national average in some of the most closely watched congressional races.” The study strongly implies that by “outing” themselves, gay couples are more likely to become politically active.

Of course, they’re quick to point out that just because someone likes a little cock, doesn’t mean they’ll vote for the more liberal candidate. Gee, thanks ABC, we had no idea that gays don’t have a singular opinon.

Another interesting tidbit from the article also says that the number of gay couples has increased by 30% over the past five years, “The increase is five times the rate of growth in the U.S. population, according to the study.”

Yikes, maybe conservatives are right. Maybe gays really are taking over the world. We doubt it, but this will definitely give them some fuel for their homo-hating fire.