Hornet Takes A Bold Step In Combating HIV Stigma And Promoting Education

Hornet-app-ChinaHookup app Hornet is introducing a new set of features in the hopes of making everyone’s extracurricular activities a little more safe. Now, users have the option to disclose if they are taking PrEP HIV prevention medication or if they are positive and have an undetectable viral load.

Sure beats that problematic question — “Are you clean?”

Users will be able to select under “status” either “Positive: Undetectable,” and “Negative: On PrEP” in addition to the preexisting options.

Also, to help users who are positive Hornet is launching a community for poz men to meet each other. Their hope is to raise awareness and education of HIV to those who need it most: the gay men around the world meeting through the app.

HIV infections are rising among gay men, especially younger ones. In the US, 20 percent of gay and bisexual men are estimated to be living with HIV, yet a recent study found 44 percent of the men under the age of 35 said they had never been tested for HIV.

Hornet CEO, Sean Howell said, “We are committed to looking for ways to eliminate stigma about this disease and to share the latest health facts on preventing HIV and empowering those living with HIV better options for self-expression. With our global reach, we can really make a difference.”

Howell continued, “In planning all of these changes we were shocked when we surveyed a sample of our members about their lack of understanding of either of these options. In fact, nearly all guys told us they had to search online to find out what these meant before they could answer our questions. Having done so, a clear majority felt these new options were important and should be added to the app.”

All of these improvements are in addition to the existing features which include reminders to get tested every 6 months, and the zip code lookup for finding an HIV test center.