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Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee Arrested For Getting Car BJ From Another Man (And The Lame Attempt To Deny It)

Calvin Lebrun, better known as the HOT 97 D.J. Mister Cee, has been arrested after cops spotted him receiving a blowjob from a one Lawrence Campbell. Lebrun, who is 44 and produced Notorious B.I.G.’s first record, and Campbell, 20, were both charged with public lewdness and exposure of a person after their allegedly plain view rendezvous just before 4am Wednesday on Manhattan’s West Side. So why are Cee’s sympathizers denying anything went down?

The pair were were released and are due in court in June. The fact that the men were arrested isn’t in dispute. Unless you work for Hot 97.

A radio station manager today denied the allegations against Cee, who was back on air today. And Cee’s camp, meanwhile, is doing a poor job refuting the rumors.

Funk Master Flex, who also works at Hot 97, posted on his site yesterday: “Earlier this evening, a rumor went viral through multiple social media platforms stating that Mr. Cee was arrested for committing a lewd act. Please be advised this rumor is not true. Stating false allegations about somebody and presenting it as valid information is unethical.”

Which rumor isn’t true: That Cee was arrested? Or that he was receiving a blowie from a guy?

As public police records and Cee’s mugshot show, Lebrun was indeed charged. There is nothing not to believe about the arrest. The facts, perhaps, might be in dispute — but try telling a court not to believe NYPD officers who claim they witnessed the act. (There are rumors circulating on the Internet, but no confirmation, that this was a paid sexual encounter. Neither Cee nor Campbell were hit with prostitution related charges.)

And because this is hip hop, where homophobia thrives, note that if Mister Cee were arrested for having sex with a woman in a car, his arrest would be a story Hot 97’s talent would be trumpeting as a badge of honor. But because this is a same-sex sex scandal, it is something to deny, to bury, and to wipe clean from Cee’s record.

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  • TheRealAdam

    Just like the Eddie Long scandal, there’s going to be a ton of denial – people are going to try to sweep it under the rug and hush up any speculation of sex or sexuality.

    Appearances are everything and the “DL” culture will continue.

  • Christopher


  • Palto

    He probably thought Camp(Ma)bell was a woman. Damn is he fugly!

  • kayla


  • TheRealAdam

    @jason: LOL, oh boy…

  • jack e. jett

    Cops in NYC have time to bust people for getting a BJ in a car???

    Sounds like Disneyization.

  • Frank

    @Jason. Sigh. I could try and run down the list of the many things wrong with your rant, but then I thought why get my blood pressure up trying to discuss this with you. This isn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last, I to listen to a gay person rail against “black music”, “black culture”, or even black people for that matter.

  • Michael

    How many more of these senseless BJ’s must we endure until hip hop homophobia can be laid to rest, once and for all.

  • The sane Francis

    Shit just got fucking REAL with Jason’s post. I’m not even going there with him. I’m assuming Jason will now log into several different accounts and change his name, just to make statements agreeing with his rant.

    Anyway, everyone in the know, knows that the whole urban rap culture (which includes all races/origins), is filled to the brim with DL men. There have been books about it, there have been boyfriends who have been basically outed, there have been even a couple rappers speak on it, and there have been actual rappers/hip-hop and R&B performers who have been outed one way or another, but it’s almost always swept under the rug. The music industry is the music industry, we all know what’s up and what goes down in that field. However, because, as Adam put it perfectly, it’s all about appearances, most in that whole community will pretend this didn’t happen. If they come to their senses and wake up to the fact it did, they’ll probably clown him for life because of it. There is so much tension and discomfort when it comes to ANYTHING that doesn’t portray a “tough straight man” when it comes to the majority of people within the rap community. So much insecurity it’s sick. And so much desperation to prove yourself and how much of a man you are. A lot of these people really are threatened by reality. Nothing will change from this DJ being arrested, positively or negatively.

  • The sane Francis

    Well, Michael, there has to be a discussion of the situation to even begin trying to change the culture. As of right now, there isn’t even any DISCUSSING homosexuality whatsoever. It is a complete no-zone. If you bring it up, you’re either gay or doing it in a homophobic way to prove you’re not gay. Kayne West came out in support of homosexuality and has had gay rumors ever since even though he’s never been seen with a man. If you don’t dress like a thug or macho or urban, you’re gay or weak, or not really apart of that community. Then you have guys like Lil B who go the complete opposite direction and dress in flamboyant clothes with vibrant colors solely to get attention and stand out. So, there is no real acceptance of gay-anything in the rap community, and urban community at large, and many go as far as to deny homosexuality even exists in their communities. So it’s going to be a long, long road, and probably going to take a few big rappers to take a stand against homophobia, or someone (like a community leader or preacher) these people look up to and respect.

  • Sam

    @Jason: You are SOOO fucking right, Jason! Black people & Black culture are ALWAYS the homophobic ones taking our rights away (Fred Phelps, Maggie Gallagher, Mormons, Catholics)! I mean, damn it, you never see this homophobic closeted behavior among white people (Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, David Drier, Ed Mehlman)! It’s like, get it together, black people, and start getting some famous faces in support of our rights (Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Julian Bond, Coretta Scott King)!

    Racist Hypocrisy: You’re soaking in it.

  • Shannon1981

    @The sane Francis: The thing is, most black preacher types disagree with homosexuality and gay rights due to religious views. So that won’t happen anytime soon, if ever. I wish say, Queen Latifah, or someone like that would step up and tell the urban culture that the way they are about homosexuality simply isn’t ok. Someone with some influence, who is famous, who is successful, who will show them that coming out or appearing gay isn’t going to ruin your career.

    Not going there with Jason at all. That was ridiculous.

  • DJ

    @jason: And fuck you too lls. What about the WHITE Catholic priest that preach homosexuality is a sin but turn around and molest little boys? In our society, being closeted is important to people of ALL races. I love white boys but god damn, ya’ll have a hard time grasping the concept that there is no such thing as a superior race.

  • JAD

    It COULD have been a transvestite hooker who he thought was a woman, though, to be fair.

  • netnite

    Bravo Sam and DJ.

  • JAD

    (But don’t you love the way queerty will report this but omits reporting their former heroine Crystal Mangum has been arrested yet again. This time for stabbing her boyfriend. Between Bishop Eddie Long and Mangum, NCCU sure produces some doozies. And Queerty has perfected selective memory).

  • McMike

    The more homophobic someone is the more gay they’re going to be and this holds true for the hip hop community in general. I have a personal joke to myself that the only genre of music that is gayer than country is hip hop.

    I bet if you walked into a company wide meeting of HOT 97 with all the male employees and gay them all a truth serum and asked them how many have gotten it on with another man at least 9 out of 10 guys would raise their hands. It’s a shame men can’t grow the balls to fess up and the brains to realize most everybody else is doing it too. I have been in more than one public situation where me and some guy One are cruising/flirting back and forth when guy Two comes into the picture and guy One stops and eventually leaves only to have guy Two start the cruising/flirting process. What I’m getting at is if guys would be honest they would see most guys are at least open to the idea if the reality isn’t most guys have already had gay sex at some point in their lives.

  • :)

    I don’t know about all of you, but I regularly listen to Hot 97 and while I have at times heard homophobia (mostly in lyrics, not by producers or DJs) I can’t say that it is measurably more homophobic than any white station on the airwaves with a comparable number of listeners.

    There’s plenty of blame for homophobia to go around all of pop culture. Hip hop is not the enemy.

  • McMike

    You say Hip Hop is not the enemy but yet there’s measurably more homophobia in it then any other radio station. If it’s not an ‘enemy’ then it sure is one really shitty ass friend.

  • Ted

    As my grand mother always says,there is no such thing as a black gay person.LOL

  • Kev C

    So basically Mister Cee’s career is over. Most Rap fans aren’t going to listen to his show now that he’s exposed. Rap is homophobic, straight boy music. Homosexuality is it’s Achille’s Heel. I would even say that Mister Cee’s life is potentially in danger.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Well darn, Queerty must have removed the post by Jason that is ridiculed by 5 other posters for his blatant racism.

    Based on the responses to whatever Jason said, it must have been quite vile. Ironically, Jason made the following comment to the story regarding the gay gay-basher who claims he cannot be charged with a hate crime considering that he too is gay. Wrote Jason:

    “A gay person can still be capable of committing hate crimes. As I’ve said to many within the community, a gay person can be just as homophobic or racist or generally bigoted as anybody else. Being gay doesn’t make you immune to the ugliest characteristics of humankind.” Posted: Apr 3, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    So Jason is a hypocrite, a racist, and from many of his posts regarding women and lesbians, a misogynist.

  • Janet

    This isn’t his first time getting caught. He was arrested twice last year. The fact that he engaged in a sex act in broad day light suggests he has a problem. Maybe some kind of sex addiction. Very odd to have sex on an NYC street at 4 pm in the afternoon. Very odd

    I wish that he would acknowledge his sexuality for his own sake. He lives in ny. Why would you want to be closeted in Ny. No need.

  • TheRealAdam

    @The sane Francis: As tragic (and in many ways, unthinkable) as Jason’s post was, I think he touched on something that’s ultimately true about mainstream AA culture. There really isn’t ANY place for homosexuality in it. There is only denial and shame. How can constructive dialogue possibly occur within a culture like that, when there is so much fear and hostility? It’s damn near impossible to crack that surface. As you’ve suggested, it must be cracked from within, but it doesn’t seem like any entity is really making any progress.

  • The sane Francis

    Very true, Adam. That’s really why it’s going to take out and open black LGBT individuals to make a difference. Gay visibility has always been shown as one of the main if not the biggest reason for the general increase in gay acceptance, but the problem has been there is less gay visibility with minorities, and so therefore there has been less of a difference made in these cultures in terms of gay “normalization” (hate that word, but I’m drawing a blank of thinking of other terms). A lot of that is the greater gay communities’ fault. Not enough outreach has been done in minority communities, and a lot of minority gays feel slighted and ignored, and therefore feel no part of the gay community. So the issues run extremely deep, but communication does solve many problems, and it really only takes a few people to stand up and speak out for, at the very least, the issue to be brought onto the landscape of discussion instead of hidden and closeted. Also there needs to be some sort of understanding of where both sides are coming from because right now, it’s mostly just a lot of bickering coming from blacks, gays, white gays v black gays, some black gays v other black gays. We need to come together as a community first and foremost before we even attempt to change hearts and minds with heterosexuals in these groups.

  • Onomot

    Janet : Why would someone want to be closeted in NY ?? Why wouldn’t they? This is where all the biggest gay-bashings have been going on. Besides that, if his business is homophobic he’ll want to keep it quiet.

  • Onomot

    No. 25 : Haven’t there always been several “out”, more or less, African American gays ? Johnny Matthis, RuPaul, Sylvester, Little Richard, Paul Winfield, Joan Armatrading. But actually, just as I’m writing this, I’m realizing none of those would be “stars” in the hip hop world. Maybe that’s the problem. Well, I guess if that guy who attacked Damien Furtch really is gay as he claims, it’ll show that we have tough thug homos too.

  • TheRealAdam

    @The sane Francis: I just don’t foresee any of that happening, even in the long term. There are extremely deep-seated racial and sexual divisions and hostilities in both of these “communities” that make productive communication an impossibility.

    There just really needs to be something organic and internal. It will take many prominent black faces for this to really turn around for the better. And the black leaders who currently favor gay rights and equality need to be more vocal about their support. There needs to be passion. Currently, the passion for gay rights largely resides with whites. I think even the blacks who are pro-gay are scared they’ll be alienated from the black community if they speak up with force.

  • Mac McNeill

    I must be missing something but where is jason’s post.. Don’t know if I agree with the dude or not, I don’t see a @jason post. Was it deleted?

    But I do agree that there is homophobia in the african american culture. they don’t support our rights as we did their. I was a boy growing up in the 50’s & 60’s in the south, and help fight for their rights. But where are they now? They got their’s but they don’t want us to have ours. They do need to stand up for us.

  • Gordon

    Johnny Mathis is gay?

  • Baltimorea

    Mac McNeil- since the African-American murder rate more than quadrupled since the 1960’s, I think they have more to worry about than you gay guys.

  • Kev C

    @Gordon: “Johnny Mathis is gay?”

    It’s not for me to say.

  • Zonk

    Has this DJ Mister Cee ever said anything homophobic himself? If he hasn’t, I don’t want to jump all over the guy for staying closeted in a business where coming out would affect his success. Yes, it would be cool if you could come out anywhere, but…I understand.//////////// But (hi Sane Francis,) as far as gays uniting, forget it. I’d stick up for black gays, generally (I’m white), before I’d have one single thing to do with defending the evil gay white (though racist against whites) gay ghetto dwellers of Manhattan. Post number 16 is correct. That’s yet another case where gays actually went to N.C. to join black hate groups to bodily threaten innocent people just because they were white and heterosexual (of course gays are so brave when they outnumber people in a gang). And they do try to hide from the case now, but all the photos are there. Of course, I know, a lot of black gays argue it’s the opposite- that the white gay ghetto is racist against them, so…I guess we just have had different experiences.//////// The bigger picture here is that, if gays want to present a united front, they should have been nicer to other gay groups, sects, types, individuals along the way. It’s way more than black gays and white gays having to see eye to eye. we fall into far more subcategories than that, and despise each other.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Zonk: I don’t understand this demonization of white gays and their ghettos. Yes, places like WeHo, Chelsea/Manhattan, Castro, etc. are exclusive, but that doesn’t mean they’re deliberately racist any more than they are deliberately sexist, ageist, classist, etc.

    Demonizing these types isn’t going to get the change you need. The gay “community” is so much bigger and varied than these areas, so why should they be a focus?

  • TuanN'Gai

    dj mr. cee, where is your manhood? you can bash while being on the DL… MAN UP and admit who you are and what you did!

  • j

    @queenfairymann: Words fail me…Except these two: Fuck off.

  • TheRealAdam

    @queenfairymann: I’m terribly sorry your mother didn’t make it to the abortion clinic on time, but there’s no reason to take it out on us.

  • Tori

    @TheRealAdam: Interesting how you seem to have all the answers for black people and what they need to do.

  • prohomo

    @queenfairymann: Your Dad wasted his cumshot on you!!

  • TheRealAdam

    @Tori: I never suggested all black women should have abortions. Whatever do you mean?

  • SBC19

    Haha. Jason got his post removed.

    I’m sure he’s still around, lurking, and either has (or will) post under some alias…making a paltry attempt to present his same idiotic position, from a slightly less obvious way. I have been saying for over a year that Queerty (and Towleroad…he trolls there as well) should ban his IP address.

  • james_from_cambridge

    @queenfairyman: But fucking a woman in her poophole, which every straight dude does or fantasizes about, that’s natural tho, right? Like therealadam said, too bad your mom didn’t abort you but it’s not too late. Go abort yourself you fucking cumstain.

  • Pitou

    Something makes me think “Queenfairyman” IS in fact Calvin Lebrun!
    What’s wrong cocksucker? Upset you got caught with your dick in another dudes mouth? LOL

    All gays don’t have AIDS honey, but if you are in fact Calvin, statistically speaking you have a higher risk of being positive. Check ’em.
    Blacks outnumber Whites 2:1.

    Clearly your better half ran down your mothers leg. Pathetic panty-waste!

  • jason

    I don’t intend to post under another name at all. Unlike many, I’m not a coward. I stand by what I say and I put my name to it.

    I will repeat the assertion that black culture is homophobic to the extreme. I’m NOT saying that all black people are homophobic. Indeed, there are some black people who are very fair and open-minded, and whom I would prefer to have as neighbors over non-black people. I judge people on the basis of their personality, not by the group they belong to.

    What irks me about the current young generation of blacks is that their culture is prone to a type of sleaze I haven’t seen before. It’s a combination of sexism and homophobia.

  • Soupy

    Jason, what is your connection to the Russian clown posse?

  • james_from_cambridge

    @Soupy: Jason is a GoProud type attention whore who tries to provoke just for the sake of provocation. He’s getting what he needs from you, attention.

  • Cam

    I know some of you were attacking the cops for this type of arrest. But I have to say, that when somebody like Larry Craig or a DJ on a homophobic station is publiclly outed like that, I’m not necesarily unhappy. Larry Craig was bad for us, and he is out of the Senate now.

    Maybe the more and more people in the entertainment industry that get outed will cause a change there.

    As for it being “Black Culture” etc…

    I think the entertainment industry itself is incredibly homophobic…remember, They tried to at first deny that the Actor playing Kurt on Glee was gay. I just think that hip hop is a little bit more in your face. So they are saying what everybody in the entertainment industry is thinking.

  • mattsy

    kanye west is gay too

  • ewe

    Are you all aware he is not black either?


    I am truly, absolutely FASCINATED that someone like “Queenfairyman” expects us to actually believe that he “stumbled upon” this website and is totally disgusted by it…yet takes the time to select a story and make a comment on it.

    Any adult who would think this is the “grossest” (expletive) thing they’ve ever seen would have clicked away. But no, this double-digit IQ brain donor (or mentally-deficient child) takes time out of his/her busy day to make the most lowbrow, unimaginative, juvenile comment: He’s comforted that we all have AIDS.

    Really? I hope you’re reading this and get it through your pea-sized brain that we’re all laughing at YOU, and your preposterous story. You’re just clowning yourself dude!

  • greenmanTN

    You know, even the words we use imply that being a closeted black gay man is somehow different, “cooler” than being a white gay man who won’t come out. It isn’t. “In the closet” or “closet-case,” used for white men, implies that it’s either a step on the way to coming out or you’re too chicken-shit to own up to yourself. It’s a failure of courage or nerve, a sneaky, gutless way to be. “On the down low” makes it sound like it’s something cool and sly, a style, and it’s ONLY used for black men. Well here’s a newsflash- it’s the same ole chicken-shit by a different name. You can put on all the macho poses you want but the fact of the matter is you’re hiding, too afraid to stand up for yourself and who you are, and a flashy new name for it doesn’t change that.

    You’re still a closet-case.

  • Justin N.

    This guy was obviously framed / charges made up. Look at his picture. Would YOU give him a BJ?
    I thought not…

  • Kev C

    @kingofthequeenfairyninjas: Too long, didn’t read. You sound crackhead to me. Whack brain cuckoo nut. Like a moth attracted to a flame. Like a bug attracted to a bug zapper.

  • Marcus

    Didn’t TD Jakes’ son get arrested for the same thing?

  • DJ

    @kingofthequeenfairyninjas: Well then I guess I have a “mental disorder” then lls. I don’t give a fuck! Do you really think you’re hurting us by saying we health a mental disorder? We’re not hurting anybody, we’re not hurting ourselves, we’re healthy, we’re leading successful normal lives, and most of us are happy. So what do I have to be ashamed of exactly? The fact that I have no attraction to a bloody vagina? Too bad I’m not. If you think we’re mentally disturbed, why are you even here? You’re wasting your time.

  • Justin N.

    @kingofthequeenfairyninjas: Hey, dude! You’re so ZANY and KOOKY! You must be more fun than a barrel ‘o monkeys at ANY party!

    Are you for rent?

  • Xtian99

    post far too long and you sound much to infantile to be using that many words-

    either get educated OR fill out an organ donor card and go ride a bike with no helmut- because if you cannot accomplish the former with limited intellect then you can at least redeem yourself and offer something to world via the latter.


  • Cam


    NOBODY comes to a gay website and reads through it and makes multiple clicks JUST to make a little comment.

    We ALL know…every single one of us on here…that you are gay. Seriously, even the people lurking, who have never commented…they took one look at your post and said….Giirrllllll!

    So, now run off and sneak out to the shed so you can fire up your computer and look at pics of shirtless guys without getting caught.

  • Marc

    That ni**a was getting his **** sucked I hate when folks like funk-a-delic flex try to stand up 4 sim **** they don’t know bout. This ain’t da 80’s NY your word don’t carry weight no mo straight homo look at that n***a’s pic he look gay as he’ll u ask me

  • Zonk

    The Real Adam : I know the gay ghetto, especially of Manhattan, and I know the “real world” very well. Yes, that’s ALL the gay community is. There is nothing bigger, or of more depth, or varied, or benevolent, or even less-than-evil….like with the larger heterosexual world. If you know of anything else to the “gay community” maybe you can convince me. I would love to be proven wrong.

  • justnow

    @DJ: kinda true :/

    @McMike: we can say the same about hollywood

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