Bully #OOPS

Houston Player Calls Ball Boy A “F**kin’ F*ggot,” Now Wants To Be Our “#SoccerAlly”

On Friday night, Houston Dynamo footballer Colin Clark hurled a gay slur at a young ball boy who failed to hurl him the ball. A mic picked up the incident, in which Clark calls the bumbling kid a “f**king’ faggot.”

Clark was quick to tweet his a “sincere apology” once the bullying incident hit the internet: “I’m very sorry for my actions tonight and I would love for you to consider me a #soccerally moving forward.”

The league’s governing org, Major League Soccer, is considering fining Clark.

“We are aware of the incident involving Houston Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark during the game in Seattle Friday night, and his public apology for it,” MLS said in a statement to The Houston Chronicle. “MLS is conducting a thorough review of the facts and examining possible disciplinary action.”

Here’s an idea: instead of fining Clark, how about they dock his pay the amount of the fine, and give it to the HRC or GLAAD or the Ali Forney Center? Or make him compete in a stripping competition for charity like a real “#soccerally”—he is pretty cute, after all.

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Photo via Twitter, Houston Dynamos