How Big Is Your Favorite “Looking” Man?

118d326b8cd6f04a69b95f71c6d9a5e6If there were a direct correlation between penis size and beauty, we’d know that Looking star Raúl Castillo would have his costars beat by a long shot (or at least be closely tied with Murray Bartlett).

But there isn’t a correlation between the two, so we’ll just have to settle for the next best thing and make an educated guess by analyzing personalities. The fine folks at gay app Mister have done the legwork for you ahead of this week’s season finale, compiling their highly scientific data into one handy infographic revealing “how your favorite Looking character measures up.”

The final verdict: Dom seems to be packin’ the most inches. Hope he didn’t hurt Andrew Keenan-Bolger!

Looking Season Finale Infographic from MISTER

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  • NG22

    This is kind of silly, but exposure is exposure. BTW, Richie plays the bass. Paddy calls it a guitar, and Ritchie says it is the bass–“the instrument of love.” So points off to Mister for not paying attention.

  • barkomatic

    Penis size has nothing to do with the decisions men make — and even if it did I don’t agree with these assessments which are full of sanctimonious moralizing.

  • redcarpet

    It’s just a silly gag barkomatic, no one is speaking seriously, chill out.

    With that said, their assessment scale is so subjective that it makes no sense, even comedically. +5 for bad mouthing Grindr (deservedly so)? Come on.

  • barkomatic

    @redcarpet: Maybe, but I’ve read enough Queerty posts to be suspicious. You know when someone disguises a criticism as a joke? Kinda like that.

  • gq0025

    I love Dom. He is my fave. Maybe because I’m into hairy men?!

  • NG22

    @gq0025: Maybe you’re into sexy men.

  • John Doe

    As a queer person, I think this article and this whole app ad are extremely offensive.

    “Agustin is practically growing a vagina?” What is that suppose to mean, besides that we are reinforcing same patriarchal ideology which on one hand idealizes the “penis,” while feeling the need to use gay femininity to bash and oppress the LGBTQ community. Is having a vagina bad?

    “Pocket gay?” What is that suppose to mean, that there are certain standards of beauty, to which all gays should acquiesce to?

  • domen8r

    it seems really clear to me that the “hot looking Daddy” mentioned in Dom’s category is the one really packing. Scott Bakula will always be one of the most sexual men in the field…and I bet he’s packing.

  • domen8r

    Damn, why can’t we edit what we previously posted? sorry about that. But also: what about the Brit Boss’ block-n-tackle? he and Bakula would make one hot couple. And what is this Queerty shite about “you are posting too quickly slow down”? the above was posted at 6 minutes after the hour, and this one sent me that message at 6 minutes til the next hour. Oy.

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