How Did Patricia Dye, Who Pretended To Be a Boy To Sleep With Teenage Girls, Only Get 6 Months In Jail?

You might remember Ohio’s Patricia Dye from August, when we learned prosecutors were having a hard time getting charges to stick to her for pretending to be a boy in order to have sex with underage girls. Going by the name Matt Abrams, Dye was only discovered in June when one 16-year-old girl ran away from home and stayed with her in a hotel room, then fled when she learned of the ruse. Yesterday Dye plead guilty — and received just a six month sentence and two years of probation.

After initially pleading not guilty, Dye plead out on misdemeanor charges of sexual imposition, attempted sexual imposition, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

But isn’t this woman a … pedophile? (Actually, she’d be considered a pederast; her victims, of which there are at least two or three, were post-adolescent though one was under 16, the age of consent.) Yes, she is. She targeted young girls to have sex with them — that she disguised she was actually a woman might be discomforting to some, but it’s besides the point.

Or it should be. Prosecutors found themselves without any appropriate criminal laws to work with because, apparently, felony rape charges were designed for adult men who prey on women. (I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t fully understand how penal code outlawing rape can be gender specific, so please enlighten me.) After Dye was arrested, Warren County prosecutors lamented about not having the ability to charge Dye with a crime for pretending to be a boy, which sounds utterly preposterous.

Regardless of Dye’s cross-dressing ways (she cut her hair short and, at 4-foot-11 and skinny, managed to play the part), she is a monster. She molested children. And she’ll only serve six months. Can we even legally call her a rapist?