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How Does The BBC Handle A Guest’s On-Air Use Of ‘Poofter’? With Casual Ignorance

Zoinks! The BBC is sure to score another round of gay rage following the invitation of pro-ethnic cleansing bigot Stephen Green: During a Newsnight broadcast on Thursday, book publisher and culture critic Carmen Callil joined a discussion with host Kirsty Wark and comedian Matthew Hardy about Britain’s cricket team, which had lost to Australia, and dared call their opponents’ “dyed blond prickly” hair an example not of their “feminine side,” but of their “poofter side,” a slang reference to the OBVIOUSLY FAGGY AUSSIES who are TOO FAGGY with their SISSY HAIR to deserve any respect. And what about Ms. Wark’s casual glossing over Callil’s choice of words? “Kirsty addressed the comment at the time and moved the conversation on,” says a BBC spokesperson. Ah, just another pundit going on live television and offering “an opposing viewpoint,” I’m sure. Does Callil get a pass for saying “poofter” instead of the more direct “faggot”? Only if you’re willing to give someone a pass for calling a Mexican a “wetback” instead of a “spic.”