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How Does The BBC Handle A Guest’s On-Air Use Of ‘Poofter’? With Casual Ignorance

Zoinks! The BBC is sure to score another round of gay rage following the invitation of pro-ethnic cleansing bigot Stephen Green: During a Newsnight broadcast on Thursday, book publisher and culture critic Carmen Callil joined a discussion with host Kirsty Wark and comedian Matthew Hardy about Britain’s cricket team, which had lost to Australia, and dared call their opponents’ “dyed blond prickly” hair an example not of their “feminine side,” but of their “poofter side,” a slang reference to the OBVIOUSLY FAGGY AUSSIES who are TOO FAGGY with their SISSY HAIR to deserve any respect. And what about Ms. Wark’s casual glossing over Callil’s choice of words? “Kirsty addressed the comment at the time and moved the conversation on,” says a BBC spokesperson. Ah, just another pundit going on live television and offering “an opposing viewpoint,” I’m sure. Does Callil get a pass for saying “poofter” instead of the more direct “faggot”? Only if you’re willing to give someone a pass for calling a Mexican a “wetback” instead of a “spic.”

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  • Pete

    You faggots are always complaining, always crying…this is why people dont really like you, they just say they like you because the corrupt media, entertainment industry and “intellectuals” made them ashamed of saying in public that faggots are stupid, annoying and destructive…but nobody really likes faggots and you faggots know it.

  • tarxien

    Just to clarify, England defeated Australia, overwhelming victory. The Australians are smarting and bitter, hence the nasty comments.

  • Pete#2

    Here’s what Pete is ACTUALLY saying.

    I’m a faggot and I am always complaining, always crying on gay sites like this one…this is why people dont really like me or why I never get laid. They just say they like me because they feel sorry for my gay self-loathing ass. Nobody really likes a faggot like me and my faggoty ass knows it!

  • Lucas

    Pete#2 made me laugh out loud.

  • Kieran

    I think we need more information. For example, politically is this old bag a liberal or a conservative? Because if she’s liberal, I think we should give the gray gasbag a pass.

  • Pete

    @Lucas: No…you are just upgrading what “Pete 2” wrote thats all…thats what you faggots are, psychotic drama queens…

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Pete: Step away from the pocket mirror before somebody gets hurt, dear.

  • Kev C

    @Pete#2: “It was easier for you as civilized people to behave as barbarians than it was for them as barbarians to behave as civilized people.” – Spock, TOS ‘Mirror Mirror’.

  • gina

    No, Callil should not get a pass. She claims she’s a feminist but uses masculinist terms like “pooftah” to ridicule supposed non-masculine behavior… she should be called out on it and, moreover, be ashamed of herself.

  • Pete

    @gina: How about finding a job?

  • jason

    Who is this wrinkled toad Callil? Possibly some female. Although, you can hardly tell.

  • jason

    Feminists are jealous of male-male sexuality. They fear not only men and the power of their sexuality but also the double power that male-male sexuality poses.

    This is why feminism has a history of promoting female privilege as opposed to female equality. Feminists know that they can’t beat the power of male sexuality, and thus must denigrate it at every turn.

  • Pete

    @jason: Gay hypocrisy at its best. Always asking for “equality” (actually gays want to conquer the equality thing is just BS for the brainwashed idiots out there) and yet masculine gay hate feminine gays (and vice-versa) gay hate lesbians (and vice versa) feminine lesbian hate butch lesbians (and vice versa) and so on and so on…


  • MCC


    Pete, the troll who can’t get off gay sites (self-hating queen) and insists on commenting tirelessly to what? make me feel bad about being gay? yeah, ain’t gonna work.


    Jason, the misogynist nut who spews this garbage about how women try to keep down male bisexuality or something (I can’t read his shit seriously either it’s absolute drivel)

    I hope they keep this up for my entertainment.

  • Jeffree

    @jason: your comments are getting way too close to edge. Recent events have shown the results of such rabid hatred. Get some help, please.

  • Franky

    Pete, you are one sad bastard. It’s pretty obvious you’re more or less trying to shame others into being self-hating as you are. You’re a loser.

    And yeah, Jason, you’re not all the way there.

    This site has definitely shown me some good LGBT folks but some of the bad LGBT folks also.

    Anyway, this is an OUTRAGE, and needs to be addressed immediately. Basically calling the Aussie team faggots and not in any way being checked on this blatant homophobia. If she used a term disparaging individuals due to their race/religious/sex etc., there would be an immediate consequence.

  • justiceontherocks

    WTF is “masculinst”?

  • adman

    @Pete#2: You forgot Pete’s fundamental need to destroy stuff, since if he could (he won’t, since he’s a coward, but he might!), he’d experience the height of homophobic manhood. That is the ability to conform while offering nothing for the greater good.

  • hamoboy

    Yes, she gets pass for calling them poofters. How dare they lose to england, and in such a humiliating fashion. I know you american homos don’t realize this, but “poofter” is nowhere near as horrible a slur as “faggot”. If you americans hear oiifter and think faggot, well that’s your problem…

  • jason

    I don’t resile one iota from what I’ve said. Many of you are politically correct queers who are too afraid to rock the boat in case you offend your fellow coalition members. I will offend whomever I please – gay, straight, bi, woman, man….you name it.

    I ain’t one to worship at the altar of identity politics, unlike many of you. Identities don’t mean anything to me. Issues do, not identities.

  • Daez

    @Pete: You are so incredibly right. I mean, my partners family just hates him and I. Oh, so does my family. That is why I’m willing to guarantee that my whole holiday experience went better than yours did this year.

    Don’t blame me because your family wrote you off as a deranged lunatic years ago.

    @jason: Jason, god your mother must have beaten you every single day. You absolutely loathe women. You make the rest of us gays look bad because while we don’t want to fuck women, we still don’t loathe them.

    Also, really, you don’t care who you offend? I’ve never once seen you put down a man. A man could do anything to a woman and you would say she deserved it because she was a woman. You are part of a “she had it coming” crowd that needs squashed like a bug.

    I am sorry that your mother never loved you and most likely dumped you off on the door step of your alcoholic misogynistic father, but that doesn’t mean you need to allow all those times he beat you for saying women weren’t whores and sluts to remain through out your life.

  • reed

    @Pete: troll troll troll, mctroll troll troll…. troller troll?

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