How Janet Jenkins Just Volunteered to Unselfishly Become the Face of Gay Parenting (and Discrimination)

And so it has come to this: Janet Jenkins, who was awarded custody of her daughter Isabella, but whose ex-gay ex-partner Lisa Miller has disappeared with her, is appealing to the press to get her daughter back.

From the beginning, it appeared Jenkins didn’t want to make a big deal about this in public. Yes, she and Miller faced off against each other in court, but filing custody challenges isn’t a desire for attention; it’s a desire to be able to see your daughter. Even when the case went to the Virginia Supreme Court (which agreed with Vermont’s court ruling), it could still be argued this wasn’t about Jenkins making a stand for gay parenting rights. She just wanted to help parent the daughter she helped bring into the world. (Miller is the biological mother.)

But with the judge in the case so far refusing to issue an arrest warrant for Miller, who nobody can locate, Jenkins is turning to ABC News and all but ensuring this becomes the year’s highest profile gay family dispute.

And, if Jenkins is up for it, we’re very glad to have her. Because now it’s Jenkins, the out lesbian, is the rational partner in this mess, and Miller is the woman who kidnapped her own daughter against a court order. Of course, the other side won’t see it that way: To them, Miller is a hero parent, fleeing with her child to keep her out of the hands of the homosexual activist agenda.

We have hope this will play out the way it’s supposed to: With Miller returning with Isabella, and both moms being able to have a role in their daughter’s life.

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  • terrwill

    Prevent Gay marriage to protect the children! the tired mantra the rightwing lunatics have spewed for years now. However there is an 8 year old kid who has been ripped from one of her Parents, her Grandparents, friends, school, home, and anything even remotley resembling a normal life. She is now living the life of a fugitive hiding by daylight in some dark room alone with her “mother” and those who are aiding them in this crime. I hope Satan has a very dark corner of hell reserved for subhuman scum like Lisa Miller and her helpers……….

  • sam2

    I saw the report on nightline last night, and I recall mouthing the words “what a bitch” whenever I saw a photo of the ex-lesbian ex wife. For someone to believe they can be an ex-gay shows just how unstable they are, and once they steal a child, just how dangerous and maybe violent they can be.

    What angered me the most in that nightline piece was the head of some ex-gay group, telling the mother with custody to get over her daughter now that her ex has stolen her. the fact that he said “just let it go” with that snide tone – I’ve never seen anything so dismissive.

    this is a 7 yr old girl! not a lost pen. too bad nightline showed it in the segment.

  • Aggie

    Janet is our neighbor, and our child-care provider. There is no saner, no more steadfast, compassionate, person on the planet. It has been very hard for us (my wife and I… thank goodness my daughter is too young to get what’s being said) to see how she has been portrayed in some corners. I grew up in Virginia, and the forces hiding Lisa are one of the things I’m ashamed of in my native state… nasty, nasty, pious people, tantamount to the Taliban, but in NASCAR hats!

  • sam2

    It’s great you and your family are supporting Janet Aggie. Way to go.

  • kent

    Janet is the one who will have a special place reserved for her next to satan. What can you say about a woman like Jenkins who makes a 2 1/2 year old girl take a bath with her?
    Isabella was never Janet’s daughter, so let it go.

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