How Long Will HRC Defend Obama Knowing He’s Committed to Delaying DADT Repeal?

We are working toward and heading for votes within the House and Senate in the next few weeks, and that’s where our resources are focused.

—HRC’s strategy director David Smith remaining typically vague about whether his organization actually knows what lawmakers plan on doing, in a statement that could’ve been made six years, six months, or six days ago, and apparently unaware HRC’s best friend — President Obama — is working against their efforts to bring about repeal in the immediate [via]

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  • Kieran

    We’ve got a DEMOCRATIC President and supermajorities of DEMOCRATS in the House and Senate. But apparently the time is still not “ripe” to act on gay rights legislation. When will the time finally be ripe you ask? After the November elections when the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate silly.

  • Ronbo

    Religious Bigotry is the enemy. Poor Obama, as a religious bigot and doesn’t even know it. His Dr. jekyll / Mr. Hyde show is wearing thin. Talk like a Democrat / Take action as a Republican. It’s not playing down the middle when all of the decisions are AGAINST you. Thanks President Obama, you won’t get my second vote. We don’t need enemies with friends like Obama.

  • Lanjier

    After the November elections, it is game over.

    The Democrats get greedy with power. When they get it, they hold onto it like Smiegal, hoping the dump gay veterans for southern votes strategy will pay off. But they lose our votes. They will say they miscalculated how angry the gays were about being ignored by a party that controlled the entire government. Fuck them — they knew.


    Really? Queerty, I love me some you.


    I swear.


    The Obama bashing is getting stale. And trite. Did I mention predictable?

    Almost as predictable as three hot pictures out of twelve in your model of the day posts. I get that the more clicks the more ad dollars, so, I’ll let you keep that one.

    Almost as predictable as some poor schmoe getting his comments hidden because they don’t fall in line with the days/Gays groupthink agenda.


    Still love you Q, but, come up with a new meme.

    It’s starting to look a little Teabaggy.

  • Michael @

    Dear Queerty,

    Please ignore perpetual Wiser Than Thou scold, Mr. Washington, who has escalated his three years of blindly defending his Lord & Savior Obama Christ to trying to discredit critics of Him by launching the latest weapon from the Obama Borg armory: equating us with teabaggers, a desperate, bottom feeding move after the Borg wore out their claims that His critics are simply “racists” or “bitter pants suit sniffers” or “haters” or “bashers” who couldn’t possibly have actually studied His history, His actions, His inactions, His alternatives” but simply don’t get that He weally, weally luvs us but “it’s just that He has too much on His plate” or “it’s NOT HIM but those damn Clintonistas He was forced to hire who probably have kidnapped Sasha and Malia or the First Dog, and are threatening to never return them/him if Obama doesn’t keep betraying The Gays” nonsense.

    Both outrageous and pathetic really when someone who prides himself on being an activist for LGBT freedom volunteers to a Kapo helping guard the fence between us and such freedom, even from the lowest hanging fruit like DADT. Some ObamaRahmbots are merely stupid. Mr. Washington is not stupid [nor not as smart as he likes to think], so one has to attribute his ignoring three years of Barry’s betrayals that remind one of the classic t-shirt: “With friends like that who needs enemas?” to something else.

    I wonder what it is.


  • WalkderDC

    Queerty, this is a ridiculous question, not because I’m defending Obama or our “Friends” in Congress. But because asking when HRC will stop defending the Democrats in Congress and the president is like asking when a Pepsi Bottling plant in Alabama will stop taking orders from Pepsi of America.

    Joe Solomnase and the rest of HRC are still so much more interested in sitting at the cool kids table at lunch time, that they are like Lindsay Lohan in the movie Mean Girls. They were supposedly going in with their own agenda, but became a reflection of the group they were originally trying to change. Hopefully they will have a similar revelation at the end of this movie and realize that they have become their own version of a self serving vapid little mean girl, but I just don’t think so. The fact that during one of the most important lobbying times for Gay Americans in history, Joe Solomnase flew over to England pretty much shows us just how concerned he and his organization are with actual change. They are a lobbying organization, yet during the most important time for lobbying he is MIA overseas.

    To show you how off the Mark HRC and their allies are. Just imagine if the community had listened to them and to Barney Frank when they said to not do anything, to wait 8 years before complaining. Do you even think that DADT would be being discussed now? Hopefully the protests and Dan Choi have embarrassed Congress and Obama enough to make them realize that HRC doesn’t speak for the community.

  • christopher di spirito

    As long as Joe Solmonese is the president of HRC.

    Joe-boy loves the thrill and excitement and sense of importance he gets from being invited to the Big House, where he gets to meet and greet Obama and his team.

  • Cam

    HRC has the weirdest customer service model I’ve ever seen.

    1. Take money from the Gay Community by positioning yourself as a national gay rights organization.

    2. Forget that you take money from the gay community and only worry about throwing benefits, galas, and getting to meet whichever famous gay and gay friendly celebs you happened to get that year.

    3. Ignore sentiments in the gay community on issues such as gay marriage and Don’t ASk Don’t Tell for years and assume that they will always keep donating money to you no matter what you say or do.

    4. Lose membership, money, and relevence.

  • TruthSeeker_Too

    It is time for DAILY pickets at the White House and on the steps of the Capitol. If we fail to rise up now, we will never gain our rights. Too bad HRC just can’t be bothered. Maybe if we offered a wine and cheese reception on the steps of the Capitol they would come help us?

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