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How Many Gays Made The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful?

An eagle-eyed reader spots at least four gay men on The Hill‘s list of D.C.’s 50 Most Beautiful, where the running joke is, “They found fifty?” There’s Ryan Fitzpatrick (who is “single and acknowledges that he doesn’t do too much to stay beautiful,” although “a gym buddy keeps him motivated to exercise”), Jonathan Aronchik (who works for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and “plays tennis, runs and works out at the gym five times a week”), Adam Comis (the House Homeland Security Committee’s press secretary and self-professed “gym rat’), Amit Bagga (who’s had “has had two fashion disasters” since moving to D.C. in February), and Jake Kuhns (senior legislative aide for Democratic Rep. Tim Holden, and he’s taken). Oh, and the super adorable (and single) Hudson Hollister, an attorney for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, made sexier by his porn star name and the “Republican” notation next it. Call us, Hud! Now crowd source this thing and help us find some of D.C.’s power broking lesbians.