How Much Is Australia’s Marriage Ban Costing the Country? Oh, Just $700 Million

That’s what you get when you have 50,000 same-sex couples, more than half saying they would legally marry if they could, and the average wedding ceremony costing $28,000. Of course the figure comes from Australian Marriage Equality, and you know how those homosexual activists always rig things in their favor. [SM]

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  • Andrew

    Australia is very odd. Polls consistently show 55-60+ support for marriage equality, and yet the political establishment, even in the Labor party, is strongly Homophobic and anti-gay rights.

  • terrwill

    I will therefore not go down, down under………….. : P

  • Drew

    Lmao Terrwill.
    It should be legal, Austrailian boys are soooo sexy

  • simon

    Australia is a horrible, ugly place. It’s still stuck in the 1940’s. The gay community there is more concerned about dance parties than gay rights.

  • Monsieur Wasabi

    @simon: I second that. Political activism here is very disappointing.

  • soakman

    @Simon and Monsieur Wasabi

    I third that. I am here from the US on a visa, but I’ve been here for 5 months or so and it’s pretty bad. I’m pretty sure there’s not even one glbt youth center in all of Melbourne. I might be wrong, but if I am, I haven’t found one.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Australians are a nation of drunks with their head in the sand!

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