How Raunchy Comedienne Lisa Lampinelli Made A Joke Of The Westboro Baptist Church

Lisa Lampinelli is a stand-up comic best known for her “oh no you didn’t” humor about race and sex. For example, she once called David Hasslehoff’s liver “so black and bloated that it’s banging two of the Kardashian sisters.” Anyway, the Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest her recent Topeka performance because… it was a slow weekend? In anticipation of their colorful “BITCH BURGER” signs, Lampinelli thought, “Well, if they’re going to protest me, how can we turn this into a little bit of love too and kind of turn it on them?” and then promised to donate $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis for each church member that showed up. She ended up donating $44,000. But perhaps the funniest part of all is that when she called the WBC members “assholes”, the camera turned to show mostly preteens and some kid who looks like he’s 8. Guess you’re ever too young to start learning bad manners.