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How Reed Cowan’s Mormon Prop 8 Documentary Might Ignite Another Sundance Boycott


Reed Cowan’s upcoming Prop 8 flick 8: The Mormon Proposition — which ties the Mormon Church to California’s marriage rights rape of 2008 — was picked as an official entrant for 2010’s Sundance Film Festival. Mere hours later, Cowan learned the movie, narrated by Dustin Lance Black, was already generating threats of boycotts. Of what, exactly? Sundance? That is funny!

Funny, because the gays once promised to boycott Sundance!

Last year, Americablog‘s John Aravosis (the same fella leading the DNC fundraising boycott) wanted the gays to turn their backs on the 2009 film festival, because not only was Sundance using the theater of a proud homophobe, but the tax revenue Sundance generated would benefit Utah, home to the Mormon Church, which had just passed Prop 8.

And here we are, a year later, going through the same thing on the other side of the fence. Which, of course, is excellent free publicity for Cowan’s documentary.

Not that any threat of a boycott is something Cowan would back down from. Having lost his son to a defective backyard swing set, he knows a thing or two about fighting the powers that be.

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  • Mike in Brooklyn

    Hey let the Mormons boycott! Who the fuck wants them at Sundance anyway?

  • Cam

    LOL!!!! Yeah, as if all the families in Provo pack up their Minivans and bring their 8 kids to Sundance. LOL!!!!!!!

  • hardmannyc

    How many Mormons go to a Hollywood-liberal conclave in a chic ski resort? Sundance has as much in common with Mormon Utah as Peoria with Chicago or Bakersfield with LA.

  • Mark from NM

    I never go to movies, save for seeing Brokeback Mountain and Doubt. This is one I will pay to see.

  • Craig Marsh

    What a hypocrit! When he lost his son, Mormons were some of the first people to come and offer help, love and support. There is truly evil in the world, and it is manifesting itself in Reed Cowan.

  • Reed Cowan

    Suck it NO. 5 Craig. And kiss my ass. Mormons were NOT the first to offer help, love and support. My Jewish friends were. Craig–what have YOU done for the world? Really!? I would not pray to your God. I would not go to your church…if this is the kind of vitriol your church and God creates.

  • Kathie Walker


    You have no class! Leave Reeds son out of this!!! Mind your own business!!!!

    Kathie Walker

  • Judy Cowan


    How would you know what religion any of the wonderful people were that reached out during one of the worst times a parent can ever be called on to bear? Did you stand at the door and ask? To be quite frank, none of us cared what the religion was….we were seeing the goodness in ALL people. YOU are the hypocrit……labeling and judging as you just did with your very narrow comment, shows that you don’t really know YOUR religion as you profess. You, apparently, have never suffered the loss of a child and I pray you never will. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. To bring that up to make a point about religion, just shows the lack of yours.

  • George

    Interesting but silly.

  • George

    Some people believe a man, a woman, and their family are the foundation of society. That gay marriage is an abomination. Others fanatically promote gay rights because they perceive an inherent inequality. After all, you can be a good, spiritual person and still be gay. For me, whatever floats your respective boat is fine by me. Regardless of your position, we should be grateful will live in a country that tolerates different ideals.

    I’m not sure that Mr. Cohen would be the ideal poster-boy to champion any cause. It seems that there is something unequivocally dishonest and selfish about a gay man that marries and has children with a straight woman under false pretenses. Possibly he is just confused and hasn’t quite figured out who he is or what he stands for.

    I’m confident this attention hounds will be the first to jump on the next band-wagon that rolls his way.

  • Walmartah

    The Sundance 2010 Wig of Shame, Sundancewigofshame as seen on myspace,facebook,blogspot was a Lady Gaga inspired head dress worn with the names of LGBT Haters hanging with worms by their names. The Worms of the wig of shame.

    Overall the Sundance Film Festival was a very positive and fun event and continues to be LGBT friendly.

    Walmartah aka Sundancewigofshame

    Thank you to Reed for doing this great film.

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