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How Republicans Are Paving the Way for Democrats to Bail on ENDA

The fact that the Democrat leadership are about to make 60-plus vulnerable Members vote for transgendered protections shows just how out of touch Speaker Pelosi is with the reality facing these Members.

—An anonymous House Republican aide, planting a threat to any of the 190-ish Democrats backing ENDA

We feel confident that we have the majority. The Speaker is interested in looking at, after the health care vote and after the recess, is everybody in the same place?

—Allison Herwitt, legislative director for the Human Rights Campaign

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  • Tina

    Theyre scared about their privileged political careers from voting to protect my fellow transgendered peeps?

    I’m scared of being denied an apartment. I’m scared of not being able to find a job despite graduating in 3 weeks.

  • Gridlock

    Democrats bailing on something? No way! In other breaking news, I hear John McCain was a POW.

  • Baxter

    So the Democratic majority is going to chicken out and somehow this is the Republican minority’s fault?

  • Steve

    As long as they insist on slicing and dicing equal-rights-for-gay-people into a thousand little individual bills, each and every one of those bills will draw flack from right-wing bigots. That slicing-and-dicing game just gives talking-points to the right-winger, because the same opposition lines can be reused, but the support arguments have to be fresh each time.

    They really should just amend the civil rights act of 1964 to add “or sexual orientation” to the list of prohibited causes of discrimination, right behind “sex”. It’s a small amendment with big consequences. Further, people who oppose “civil rights” can be labeled and marginalized rather easily.

  • Danielle

    Steve, I agree with your basic sentiment, but if you don’t include Gender Expression, then the entire purpose of an inclusive ENDA is lost.

    Please don’t toss the T’s under the bus for reasons of expediency. Don’t use our backs to climb to your own civil rights and then shit on us.

  • JoeyD

    @Danielle: Not that I don’t love our T’s of the LGBT….BUT…It’s taken decades just to get where we are now. I’m not apologizing for Dems, or selfrightious Gays. I’m not saying that we Gays are better then the T’s…but in the event that an inclusive ENDA is not passed…don’t for one second think that all the Gays are just gonna bail on our Transgendered peeps. We’ll still fight for your rights, as we have been. Unfortunately, Gender Identity in this shitty country isn’t progressing fast enough. Gay Rights arent progressing fast enough. Nothing is going fast enough for anyones tastes. Consider that the Repubs are “threatening” the dems that they’ll lose the power. These back-bone less dems are going to cower to the repubs message…even though they all should know they’re outta there in a few short months. The Dems will accept a non-inclusive ENDA….and still get voted out. IF that happens…PLEASE don’t think we will give up on you. It’s not an LGB struggle. T’s are a huge, FABULOUS, part of our community. We fight for the rights of our community. Much Love.

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