Girl Fight

How Rosie & Kelli O’Donnell’s Big Fight Revealed Their Home Address



Well, they were. For over an hour. And it was loud! And the only reason we know this is because cewebrity Julia Allison, famous for sexing tech types, tweeted it. Allison getting shit for it because she’s gone and exposed where Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell live; by noting that she’s neighbors with them, and publicly revealing where she lives before, crazy Internet stalkers can now find the lesbian love nest! And while some debate whether Allison’s tweet is just a cry for more attention, realize Allison didn’t reveal anything you couldn’t easily find out yourself. If it wasn’t already available on the web, a $20 fee to data mining firm Intelius could do it for ya. And how much privacy should Rosie expect when, already a famous person, she uploads videos of her own kids in a swimming pool?

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  • Telesphorus

    Two dykes having a cat fight….big [email protected] deal…

  • Alec

    Who cares?

    I mean, honestly, I don’t know that public figures can really hope to keep their address secret for very long. Even if there weren’t numerous data mining firms out there eager to uncover their locations, one major scandal and the tabloids are out hounding them….and I’m pretty sure they’ve got it down to a science, at this point.

    I do find it disturbing that twitter can make it so instantaneous, though. A lot of things about twitter are unnerving.

  • Geoff

    God help me…I still like Rosie. Hope Donald Trump doesn’t tweet or he’ll hunt her down.

  • Paul

    As long as the U Haul did not show up that night of the next day we can all be safe in knowing that all is well in that lesbian family……..please no more posts like these.

    Seriously, we really do not need anymore of Rosie, including sightings, neigbor voyer rants, tweets, etc……Please? Pretty Pleeeeeeeaaaase???

  • Helga Von Ornstein

    I was sitting in a lesbian bar when Entertainment Tonight announced Rosie had lost her show and found very little sympathy for her amongst them. Many found her an embarrassment though you had a few who “symbolically” spoke up for her.

    She is the frustrated lesbian she appears to be. I wonder if her and Madonna are still snickering about the sneak attack they both launched against Oprah several years back. I don’t blame you Oprah. You made a mistake bringing trash like Madonna on your show and you know it.

    Ever wonder why Ellen stays clear of her?

  • afrolito

    @Helga Von Ornstein:

    What the hell are you talking about? What sneak attack? Madonna has been on Oprah several times over the years. The last time was when Oprah invited her on to talk about adopting David. As far as Ellen goes, Madonna was on her show as well. Ellen is a huge fan, and has been openly courting Madonna to appear on her show from the beginning. So much for your factss.


  • Stitch

    Whoever wrote this should be fired. Not only is it uninteresting, it’s just shy of unreadable. Shouldn’t a writer be proofed before these things are published??

  • Alice O'C

    I have always thought of Ro and Kelly as the ideal couple with wonderful children. So what if they were heard having a debate I am in a relationship for years and still argue with Grace my partner over silly things but we get passed it because of our love for each other. People should mind their business and let people work thing out, do not believe what you read.

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