Girl Fight

How Rosie & Kelli O’Donnell’s Big Fight Revealed Their Home Address



Well, they were. For over an hour. And it was loud! And the only reason we know this is because cewebrity Julia Allison, famous for sexing tech types, tweeted it. Allison getting shit for it because she’s gone and exposed where Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell live; by noting that she’s neighbors with them, and publicly revealing where she lives before, crazy Internet stalkers can now find the lesbian love nest! And while some debate whether Allison’s tweet is just a cry for more attention, realize Allison didn’t reveal anything you couldn’t easily find out yourself. If it wasn’t already available on the web, a $20 fee to data mining firm Intelius could do it for ya. And how much privacy should Rosie expect when, already a famous person, she uploads videos of her own kids in a swimming pool?