How To Coordinate A (Not So) Simple Marriage Proposal In Four Easy Steps

The year 2014 is predicted to be another landmark year for marriage equality, which can only mean one thing. More gay marriage proposals going viral!

We saw everything last year — from live on-stage proposals to the tried-and-true flash mob proposal. Google proposals, Home Depot proposals, Marine proposals, and even a gay proposal fit for a Disney princess. Today, we bring you the very first viral gay marriage proposal of 2014.

In 2014, gay proposals will be all about elaborate planning. Take it from Jeff, the man who began planning his proposal to his partner Jeremiah at the El Dorado Resort in Mexico more than six months before it happened. As he says in the video above, nothing happens by coincidence:

Here is how I pulled it off. First I sent a fake letter to our home 6 months ago saying we were chosen for a photo shoot for the resort we vacation at every fall. Then I told him we were saving up for a big trip to Australia for my 30th B-day in 2014. I also told him we would be going on a number of excursions during our vacation i.e. zip-lining, snorkeling, horseback riding and more! When in reality I used those funds and hired the video and camera crew for us. Lastly, 4 years ago we met an amazing group of people at the resort. I was able to get all of them to meet us this year for the special moment.

Too long for you? Check out the shorter version of this proposal here.