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  • California John

    Love it! Hilarious!

  • Danny the Tranny

    Stupid! Fucking Stupid!

  • Gggg

    thank you, i threw up.

  • ajax

    Wait – papier mache isn’t important?

  • Rob

    Do gay people not play Dungeons and Dragons? That’s a stereotype I didn’t know.

  • sal

    ok this has nothing to do with this topic but i need some advice from anyone who thinks they got some…….ok i have a str8 friend,shes dating this jerk but she’s really “in love” with him that’s why i wont tell her to break up with him cause i know she may not be able to handle it….she’s done allot for this guy so that doesnt help make it easier too……..i wonder can she change him??how do i make it an easier decision to move on??HELPPPP

  • Grant

    Of course they could always develop a reverse one for straights talking to gays about Britney, gym routines, and where you got that cute teal shirt.

    Barf. I’d rather talk about gutter cleaning.

  • brilliantgreen

    Oh this was kind of funny, people need to lighten up! I got a little chuckle out of it :)

  • Mark M

    It was a funny idea. Honestly, he could have done more with it. But it was cute.

  • Phoenix (You'll Pry The Polyhedral Dice From My Cold, Dead Hand!)

    Err, I don’t know how to say this, but in my school all the gay kids were playing D&D. We hung out in the library audio/video room and played it. I actually don’t know any straight kids in high-school that played D&D. It was strictly the realm of the gay and dorky.

  • mention

    opinions, opinions

  • Shawn

    Um, hate to be a dissenter too, but I know lots of gay who play D&D and who can rhapsodize at length about papier mache.

    This was funny, though they could have used some sports references or Nascar or monster trucks or something like that. Or have gay guys be able to talk about tools and hardware to straight men and have the lesbians be able to talk about stereotypically hetero female things, like cooking or make up or something like that.

    Probably I’m over-thinkin’ this!

  • KyleR

    It was a joke everyone! I thought it was hilarious!!

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