How to Keep the 2010-2012 Prop 8 Repeal Fight From Ruining Friendships


While California activists hoping for a 2012 repeal are busy “strategizing” and “organizing” and “sending email blasts,” the 2010 repealers are actually putting together their game plan. And not behind closed doors, either!

Some three dozen folks gathered in San Diego to attend what’s to be the first of many meetings to plot the course for a 2010 repeal. First order of bidness: How to collect the required 694,354 signatures (or one million-plus, to account for invalid signatures) to secure a repeal proposition on November’s ballot next year.

And also: How to deal with the split among activists between those who want to fight for a repeal in 2010, and those who want to wait for 2012. Because as former San Diego Acting Mayor Toni Atkins (the city’s first lesbian to hold the post) told the audience: “In my heart, I know the work that you, and that we, are doing on this issue is right, and it is a movement. I do want to challenge you, everyone in this discussion, whether you are a 2010er or a 2012er, I want to caution you and just remind you of a few things: The other side is going to be thrilled that we have a schism in our community and that we are debating this. So let’s be a model of civility. … I’m going to challenge each and every one of us not to make enemies within our own community, not to try to hit below the belt or say the thing that could be lasting after 2010. … Because it doesn’t matter, we are going to win this fight. So, let’s just do the work. We can disagree and we can not be disagreeable.”

But if you come up with a clever T-shirt or bumper sticker — like “Your kid may be on honor roll, but my kid didn’t wait till 2012 to repeal Prop 8” — please commence.

(Photo: Rex Wockner)