How to Store Your Condoms Stylishly


Is it a modern art sculpture? A new breed of wine openers? A travel-sized Salad Shooter? No. It’s a home condom dispenser, and it will look lovely on your nightstand.

From homegoods designer Olanji comes Condo-M, which just created a whole new market by itself: stylistic sex paraphernalia chic enough to be placed proudly on display next to your New Yorkers and Proust.

For $31, you can put your Durex and Kimono rubbers into a device that looks at home next to the bedside lamp, rather than digging around in your top drawer (behind the socks) to some safe at-home play. Your guests will be impressed … until they see you grabbing for the lube in a squeeze-pump bottle. How déclassé.


(via GLD)