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How White Supremacist Eugene Terre’Blanche Is Just Like a Few Catholic Priests

What do the Rev. Stephen Kiesle and murdered white supremacist Eugene Terre’Blanche have in common? Rumors that they spent the 1980s molesting young boys!

While Kiesle, who was in his 30s at the time his behavior was made known to future-pope Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was given leniency because of his age, Terre’Blanche was in his 40s when, according to resurfacing allegations from the 80s, he was accused of molesting a teenage boy.

In the 1980s, Terre’Blanche was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage member of the AWB, who said he awoke after a night of heavy partying to find Terre’Blanche on top of him, trying to molest him. These allegations have led to speculation that Terre’Blanche was a latent homosexual – described as a sexual attraction to the same sex without overt action. According to a local psychologist, blatant homophobia – which Terre’Blanche often displayed – is often a sign of its existence.

If true, it would fit a pattern that one of Terre’Blanche’s alleged murders is now putting forth — that Terre’Blanche’s slaying was the result of a sexual assault, involving a 15-year-old.

[News 24]

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  • Barry

    This boy was planted. Sad Sad Sad that grown men and woman can write such stories of such a great man. No one in the media knew him. Just writing writing crap to make a story. Sad that is, these people have to go to their own families and then pretend to be a family!! grow up and write facts not fiction.

  • james_cambridge

    Am I the only one who’s a bit concerned about the blatant, not latent, racism that infects Queerty? Barry is just the latest in a long line of commentators here who exhibit or defend racism (and yes, defending a White Supremecist is racist). I suppose we can’t expect Queerty to be any different from the rest of the U.S. which seems to be caught up in a wave of it since the election of our Biracial President. I imagine if Obama was full-on Black, we’d have race riots every day!

  • james_cambridge

    Oops…I meant second comment in the thread above :)

  • Kieran

    Well there you have it. The racist white guy was a closet fruit who molested young boys. He deserved to be hacked to death with machetes in his bed without a trial.


    @james_cambridge: So why are people rating down this finely put comment? Queerty, this new add on to your site is absurd. People need to voice WHY they disagree/agree with my views not just rate it. This shit is for simpletons who cannot articulate their viewpoints. Truly, this is condescending to your readers whom I thought were the more educated kind.

  • Rob Moore

    @james_cambridge: I believe that racism is everywhere and gay people are after all people who could not help absorbing some of there cultural environment. I was a schoolboy when racial segregation in Georgia was not simply fact but also law. I often played with the children of the people who were hired to pick cotton in the field next to our farm. At that time in my life, these were just kids like me who played hide & seek, tag, king of the mountain, etc. Despite those experiences, I was left with a streak of racism even as an adult. I am friends with black people, worked with black people, have been managed by black people, and have managed black people; however, I have never had sex with a black man. I have been with other white men, East Asian men, Arabic men, and Jewish men but never feel sexual attraction to a black man no matter how handsome he is. I can only assume that it is a product of my upbringing in a racist society. Children always make me smile when I see their openness and curiosity and my racism does not seem to extend towards black children or women. I have discussed this with therapists in the past, but it remains unresolved.

    Even so, I also feel revulsion towards racist organizations and the RNC. From my viewpoint, this man’s murder could be blamed on extreme racism without resorting to claims of pedophilia. One is proven and one is not. Maybe he was. Will we ever be able to know with certainty? I doubt it.

  • asa1973

    @Rob Moore: I really appreciate your honesty. The subject is so complex it is difficult to articulate a worthy response. I just wish all of us – regardless of our race or sexual attractions – could be honest and reflective enough to question ourselves the way you do.

  • james_cambridge

    @Rob: I find your honesty refreshing too…you certainly have more balls than the hit and run racists like Barry who don’t have the balls to explain their comments, let alone say it out loud in real life. About this Kiesel guy though, read the above article. A white kid also made similar charges against him…so these claims are easy for me to believe. Let’s not also forget that slave owners back in the day would often rape their slaves. This is nothing new. Either way, good riddance to this piece of shit. He got what he deserved.

    I don’t know how it works in South Africa but here you rightfully can kill your attacker in self-defense. Hopefully the South African government will give the two black kids charged with his murder a fair trial and not feel like they have to railroad them out of fear of what these neo-nazi’s will do.

  • Robertek

    This is hilarious. It’s already been admitted by the criminals that they committed the crime for a sum total to 7.00 US.

    These accusations against Eugene Terreblanche are lies and nothing more. They’re intentionally trying to defame the man to put a rest to the angry whites in South Africa. They’re trying desperately to hold that country together under failed systems of diversity when it has never, in the history of the mankind, been shown to work or be a benefit to those involved to any significant degree.

    I suppose Eugene just tried to rape two men carrying weapons while he was sleeping though, that makes perfect sense.

    Now a racist lawyer is defending these two murderous useless pieces of crap. This is most likely where these claims of sexual deviance stemmed from. He is supposedly a top lawyer, yet he’s defending these guys for free for a murder case. He is intentionally trying to free murderers.

    Then you have the cops. The original investigators were competent and trustworthy cops. In fact, they put on of the presidents friends in jail for being a criminal. They were replaced by an all black investigation team for unstated reasons.

    This whole thing is a scam and nothing more.

  • james_cambridge

    My, my. Amazing how the death of a White Supremacist really gets some homos rolling. Keep defending a Nazi fellas…show your true colors (no pun intended. I don’t want to upset you by suggesting you have colors).

  • adman

    As a young queer, I learned how to avoid the skinhead crowd while they freely hooked up with my “friends”. So many repressed “haters” are queer and try to hide it, it’s a joke. How could you spend time and lay yourself open to people who can’t fathom integrity or self respect? At least a DL wannabe thug wouldn’t target you for a hate fest after you did the do with him. White gays are so sheltered, it’s become a pathology.

  • Barry

    James, your goal in life is to marry a big african woman and live in a shack in the mountains in Africa and then make comments on how happy and clever you are. Write your life story as a wanna be black man place the paper in a black label bottle and try to shove it as high as you can up your own ass. you might find your true colors then. You probably sitting in a dark room still in your mothers house and shit scared of whots happening outside. Grow up zip up your pants and get off the internet!

  • Barry

    Robertek, can you give james_cambridge some pointers. Afraid he might still be stuck on the toilet for writing so much crap…
    Thank you Robertek for giving insight as it should be. How stupid can you be believing ET could possibly be gay!!! Not everyone thinks like you do James, mabe you wanted to be raped by those 2 black men James. If you want to be raped just go to johnnesburg, there is plenty of young blacks there that would love to plant you.

    This whole thing is a scam and nothing more like Robertek said, just head it James, I know it hurts when you try to…

  • Count Chocula

    Some of you really need to pay attention. The REAL story here is not racism, but homophobia! All the white South Africans who have adored this man for decades are now ready to wash their hands of him (and his death) at the suggestion that he was a homosexual. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?

  • james_cambridge

    Oh Barry. Please go fuck yourself. Terre’Blanche was not only a Neo-Nazi and gay but a sexual predator and the whole world now knows it. Stop defending the dead piece of shit and go out and live your life to the Naziest!! You sound stressed so I suggest you relax by finding Jesse James and having him sodomize you while Sandra Bullock shits on your face. Peace :)

  • Barry

    too much moevies for you mate. Next time you feel amped, try to go out your mothers house and hit the bronx. you might learn a few things, like not to comment on people you never even have met…

  • Sexy Rexy

    Terre’Blanche should feel right at home here.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Count Chocula: He’s a racist white supremacist scumbag chicken hawk rapist. Why the fuck should the gay community want to protect him or respect his rights as a gay person? Oops, I forgot, he’s got friends on this board.

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