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  • Stephen

    It’s a good thing. Bravo is more Logo than Logo is, you know? Logo is just trying to get it right after looking so under budgeted.

  • Danny

    So the cable companies don’t need to carry it anymore because it is no longer the LGBT channel. Cable already carries a million worthless MTV channels that carry things no one would watch. The Logo management should be fired and replaced with someone who knows what they are doing; right now it just sounds like making excuses to cover up incompetence among management.

  • Larkin

    If Logo goes more mainstream as they seem to be doing, why would I ever bother coming back if I can get essentially all the same content elsewhere?

    People came because it was a gay site, not a generic knockoff of thousands of other sites.

  • Charley

    Logo is quickly making itself irrelevant.

  • Wolfi

    @Charley: Was it ever relevant with its cheap low budget shows, constant repeats and bizarrely edited “let’s make it safe for the straights” content?

  • Brian

    There was a time I didn’t get the so-called “gay channel” Logo, and wished I did. Now that I get the Logo channel I realize I wasn’t missing very much. The usual hideous drag queen programing is even beginning to make me question whether “gay” people are “freaks”.

  • Auntie Mame

    I don’t watch TV. It makes you fat.

  • Larkin

    @Auntie Mame:

    So does commenting on webzines.

  • scott ny'er

    @Brian: I think Drag shows has it’s place in LGBT programming but as long as it’s balanced with other aspects of LGBT life. When all you have is a marathon Drag show, repeating ad nauseum, interspaced with some other crap repeats… it’s just not appealing.

    I used to watch Logo when they 1st started but then they had lots of repeats and no programming and then it became the A-List and Rupaul channel. I don’t even consider the channel nowadays.

  • Robbee 64

    There is already way too much junk on LOGO! The less gay content the less I watch. The whole cannnel needs to be revamped or just cancel the whole thing.

  • Delius

    Forget Eden Wood, I’d rather watch show with Honey Boo Boo Child.

  • Geo

    I hear they’re adding a tenth, extra-extra deep level of hell to accommodate whoever greenlit that show about the pre-teen beauty queen.

  • QJ201

    the websites will still suck, be badly designed and post “news” 3 days late

  • Larkin


    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Sorry, Logo, but your viewers don’t want to watch a premie whore.

  • brian

    Logo can fuck off. They probably realized that they didn’t really want to be gay, after all.

  • jose

    What will happen to 1 girl 5 gays! :O

  • MEJ

    Dennis Ayers, AfterElton’s current editor-in-chief, says the site was already adapting to a more mainstream audience before Logo announced its new strategy: “About 45% of our readers are women, and over half of them come from households with children. We aren’t just a site for gay men, and haven’t been for some time,” he tells Queerty. “Logo’s programming shift did not come as a surprise to us.

    And once again, straight woman have stuck their collective nose in our business, and ruined it for the gay community.

    Half the country wants us dead, the other half just wants to use us.

  • Auntie Mame

    @Larkin: But TV also makes you stupid.

  • Pickles

    LOGO’s producers should be ashamed of themselves for thinking our heads screw on.

    When there is an LGBT sitcom, drama and/or prime time soap on EVERY network station, where the majority of the characters are LGBT and the lead is LGBT THEN and only THEN will there NOT be a need for programming that is specifically ABOUT, OF AND FOR LGBT viewers.

    This whole “our viewers interests have shifted” bunk is such spin it’s making me dizzy.

    LGBT are NOT generally represented across all media platforms. Gay mean are not overwhelming integrated into the mainstream of popular culture.

    What world does SHE live in?

    That is just bollocks. There are SOME shows that have SOME LGBT characters on SOME networks (most of the ones of any note or substance are on cable, let’s be real)

    LGBT folks have ALWAYS had broad news, popular culture and entertainment interests. That has NOTHING to do with the shift at LOGO to mainstream non LGBT programming.

    We will continue, as we have in the past, to get our fill of information related to those interests that are not specifically gay from TVLine, Entertainment Weekly, Interview, Radar, dListed, TVGuide, Premiere, HuffPo, MTV News, etc, et al.

    Any number of other general news and popular culture websites cover the stuff that ISN’T LGBT better.

    Maybe if LOGO had dedicated itself to actually supporting scripted television (original series, made for tv movies, short films and features) and reality shows that were diverse in their focus (older gays, lesbians in non traditional jobs, teens starting a GSA, whatever!) and some chat shows and dating shows and any number of other kinds to go along with the scripted stuff they could have MAINTAINED AN AUDIENCE.

    The dominant culture is straight and white, STILL.

    Do we REALLY need another website that reflects that?

    Why not just shut LOGO down and focus on MTV and VH1 and stop pretending there is anything remotely GAY about LOGO.

    Surely Bravo can pick up 1 girl 5 gays and RuPaul’s drag race or they can both just be broadcast on MTV.

  • DouggSeven

    @jose: This show originated and airs on regular MTV Canada – it’s not even shown on our Out TV (Canada’s LGBT network which believe it or not is even worse than Logo was/is). I don’t agree with having an exclusive network for gay issues – there is not enough of an audience for quality programs. I am aware of RPDR & 1G5G being hits – but name another hit on Logo past or present? I don’t believe Logo is dropping either show, they are just increasing their viewer base by adding shows gays would watch. Most of what I watch doesn’t have a gay lead – that would get boring after a while.

  • Vadren

    Suffice to say I’ll be tuning out to everything Logo does –except–for Rupauls Drag Race, which I love. Noah’s Arc was a great show on Logo that should have been renewed. It is cheap and gross that they are using these ridiculous excuses to dumb down and heterosexualize their programming.

  • Larkin

    I only come for RuPaul’s drag race… I find the other content sucky in the extreme. It’s not because it’s not heterosexualized like other mainstream channels, it’s that it simply sucks donkey balls.

    Put on some good programming that is niche centric and you will draw people. Try to be like all the rest of the networks and you will suck just as much as the rest of the networks.

  • Pinky

    If AfterElton or AfterEllen die, it’ll be a fucking disaster for gay pop culture. Even though AfterElton has stopped being a gay site and has become a gay-sensibility place, its still the only place on the internet that reviews gay popular culture, even if it is weak and shit.
    I used to try and read AfterElton every day, but I only go there one or two days these days. It’s gay-sensibility means that it says nothing about being gay annd it just talks about shows that could be gay (if you you’re a flaming queen.) You used to be able to go there to find stuff that didn’t lisp at you. I don’t hate flaming queens, I’m just not one of them. I used to go to AfterElton and got told about why you shouldn’t hate on queens and I lerned a lot.
    Now I go there to find what TV shows I have to see to be gay. But I cant talk about that shit people. They seem to think that I have to move away from my family and my community to be gay. I am 32. Who the fuck am I going to talk about Glee to where I live.
    AfterElton used to be good, but its not my favorite site any more.

  • Larkin

    @Vadren: Noah’s arc was smart, sexy and hot with a great storyline. (I’m whiter than whitebread, but the story’s weren’t ‘black’ per se… something that some shows drum up too much going into a niche in a niche.)

    I related to the main character and it kept me coming back to watch it. That’s what I want…. not circuit queen shows about whores and future toddler wannabe whores.

  • Chance

    @Pickles I couldn’t have said it better myself. You pretty much said everything I feel about this whole situation.

  • Anthony

    I haven’t been back to AfterElton since they announced their shift earlier this year. Had been a several times a day visitor for years… And my departure was due to this:


    I want a pop culture site that aims for me, just like all the straight women who Logo is aiming at now…

    I was watching the TVone network last weekend and saw one commercial announcing 3 new reality shows. TVone for those who don’t know is a black network – no qualifiers or dilution there. The new shows were a cooking show “My momma can throw down”, a serious show about the under the radar crisis of missing black children in the U.S. (if only there were a serious issue facing gay kids that could get better) and a decorating show with black decorators. not black here and I plan to watch all three..

    Why Logo thinks this bull crap explanation about the audience changing (when the truth is its not chainging except for the fact that they are workIng very had to change it) or needing stuff to have a more wide interest, or the other crap they’ve touted for years about not being able to afford to produce stuff or find ideas of gay interest is being bought with anyone with a cerebral cortex is beyond me…

  • Craigers

    Hopefully this kills off LOGO enough that someone else can come in and do a new gay channel and do it right.

  • Kyle412

    Logo was created as a place for LGBT viewers to see themselves and be themselves. Sadly, it sounds like the audience that was being targeted is being tossed to the back of the bus.

  • Really!

    We pay quite a bit more for one of the higher tiered packages offered by our cable service just so we can get Logo for its LGBT programing. If they (Logo) lower the LGBT content, what’s the point of paying a huge cable bill just to get Logo!

    Is Logo’s female general manager even gay? If she’s straight (which is fine), it’s clear she didn’t even use a gay focus group to arrive at these extremely poor decisions!

  • Feinstein

    The plug needs to be pulled on AfterElton as well. Such a namby-pamby mishmash of supposedly gay-centric culture. It is so devoid of any life – any hint of sexuality is verboten and is being further sanitized by the day.

  • Red Assault

    Publicly, Logo says that this was about a mainstreaming of gay news and culture.

    Privately, they will admit that they never really figured out how to attract a large gay audience. In their defense, they were hobbled from the beginning; the one unifying thread of the gay community is sexuality but logo wasnt able to show any nudity or sexual content… So gay favorites like Queer As Folk had to be shown in censored versions… Any frank sexual images had to be removed and any original content presented gay people as vapid, shallow Gold Diggers or men who wear dresses.

    When trying to cater to a gay audience, that was about as useful as having a channel devoted to dancers who couldn’t show their feet.

    But the problem went deeper. It seemed that their depiction of gay people was from the 40s. Either cringe-worthy, tragic or something to laugh at. There were few positive role models for gay youth to turn Tom no gay adults were interested in seeing that pathetic show, either.

    Their blogs are jokes. Nothing interesting on them. For gay news everyone read JoeMyGod or Towleroad and for porn it was QueerMeNow or GayDailyHot. Something with some personality. Leave it to MTV, the music station that doesn’t play music to make a lifestyle blog that has no life or style.

    Just as well… The gay community doesn’t need a straight corporation to make content. We do just fine on our own.

  • Danny

    @ Really! Good point, Really. Cable will be replaced by channels reaching audiences directly through highspeed web so people don’t have to waste money on the countless channels in a cable lineup that people never watch.

    Does anyone know if anyone LGBT actually heads up LOGO in any capacity?

  • Chadboy

    The GM, Lisa Sherman is a lesbian with ties to the HRC, hence the reason the channel has been ho-hum for years. She also doesn’t come from a TV background. I heard that she worked in marketing for a phone company.

  • Doo doo b.

    Ad dollars? That’s the aim. But when they had Noah’s Arc which drew viewers AND is still talked about – it was yanked off the air! Too black AND gay. Sherman came from advertising and not a tv background. Rob, who created 365, and sold it to Logo must regret ponying up to a large corporate entity and within 7 years it’s down the drain. Logo should just give up. The execs there have no maverick energy. The most fearful and humorless people ever. Love, an ex-employee

  • Evji108

    Logo sucks anyway, who cares what happens to it? RuPaul’s drag race – what a freak show, I wouldn’t mind it too much, but they show it over and over for hours and hours and days on end.
    The rest is mostly poorly produced, low budget junk TV for and about losers. I hope the channel goes out of business. Such a disappointment. Their gay themed movies must be chosen for being the cheapest available, because I can’t think of any other reason they are showing them. Good riddance.

  • Will

    LOGO has sucked, sucks now, and will always suck.

    Viacom is too clues and CHEAP to a premium gay programming station. Most og LOGO is run by underrpaid interns and the programming is the cheapest it can buy.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Lenny

    Logo w/out gay programming is just straight tv

  • Lightning Baltimore

    Logo just gets worse and worse . . . If it weren’t for RuPaul, I’d never tune in at all anymore.

    I discovered a couple of years ago that watching movies on there is pretty much pointless, as they edit out anything too sexual in nature, even if it means completely destroying the film. As a straight friend wrote to me when I complained about this a couple of years ago, “Madness. If Logo won’t be open about these things, who the heck will? Why would Logo want to pander to a ‘straight audience’?”

  • Pickles

    Well, maybe HereTV will step up to the plate.
    I still watch all of HereTV’s programing via a $7.00 per month web subscription and I enjoy most of it.

    The one thing I can say about HERE is that is is super gay, very lesbian inclusive and has a wide variety of programming that you don’t have to subscribe to cable to get.

    I desperately needs more original programming and scripted shows but it has always been far more gay-centric than LOGO (even while having a lower profile).

    It has a great series The DL Chronicles and Paradise Falls from Canada and some fabulous community spotlights and documentaries. They’ve produced and distributed some great movies as well.

    With all the really high quality LGBT web series being produced independently, you’d think HereTV wouldn’t have any problem finding new shows to program.

    I just don’t get why this is so hard for these networks to work out.

    There are loads of companies that are willing to buy advertising space on gay shows if they know they will get access to an audience that will buy their products

    It can’t be that difficult to make work if they really wanted to.

  • Alex

    Kind of sad to see. Even with the strong acting community the LGBT has there are only so many times they can play shows devoted to just the gay community without the whole channel becoming reruns. No one would watch that. I can understand broadening their audiences but I see it as switching dignity and integrity for cash instead of just getting more creative.

  • Doo doo b.

    Too much corporate fear @ Logo. The original conceit was best then they ousted M Farber. Too bad!

  • velocifero

    The usual thing at MTV HQ — when ad revenue goes down, hire people with no network television experience to fix the problem. These corporate idiots never look at the obvious – hire some talented writers and write some quality programming, Having a reality show about a toddler on a Gay Network seems like an insult and an excuse to have the right wing point fingers. Very cynical and creepy. The fact that a female executive would green light such a show indicates horrible judgment and values. They might as well get on with it and sell it to CBN or Fox.

  • Danny

    Can’t stand drag – a tiny part of the gay community does drag, rest is straight crossdressers. HereTv just repeats the same thing year in, year out, gave up on it too.

  • Lazycrockett

    gLee has destroyed most of afterelton. Death to Klaine.

  • Darling Nikki

    LOGO pulled the ol’ bait and switch.
    (Really Viacom)
    They never gave shows like “Noah’s Arc”, “Sordid Lives” even “Exes and Ohs” any kind of chance. One and done seasons pretty much. Then they want loyalty? All shows, even ‘MadMen’ needs to give an audience a chance to grow with the show. On LOGO, why bother, even with good shows like “Noah’s Arc” and “Sordid Lives”, the audience knew that they were too expensive to produce and thus would be cancelled.
    Logo never gave the audience a chance to embrace it.
    “Big Gay Sketch” show was a great premise that was neutered. Boringly editted for t.v. I went to a live taping of the show and was SURPRISED at how funny the skits were in person. When I saw the taping aired on t.v., I was angry knowing what they took out was funny and not-controversial. On an aside, funnily enough, Mimi Imfurst (rupaul drag racer) was entertaining the audience in between skits and was charming and funny.

    From the get go LOGO has proceeded like a scared child whistling in the wind at midnite in a graveyard afraid of it’s own shadow.
    All “niche” channels that are successful, go gung-ho after that niche with variety. BET, also a Viacom product, would never tell their niche audience that since African Americans are so “well-represented” in main-stream media that it would begin broadening it’s appeal and have placed the baby-whore “EDEN WOOD” (porn name?) on that channel?
    As usual, we’re a demographic that’s pandered to and taken for granted.
    By that I mean Viacom presented to Cable Broadcasters a channel that would expand their range and allowed perhaps faster entry onto those systems (as a higher-tier channel no less) because of the “unique money spending audience” we’re always labelled as with “disposable income”. Cablevision, a notoriously slow to get on board with entity concerning new channels had LOGO on the air from day one. Not so for “TvOne” or “BBCAmerica”, which only recently was added to the Cablevision roster and has yet to have new networks like “The Cooking Channel” on its broadcast roster.
    People should write their cable providers and complain. I have to pay EXTRA for this, on a higher-cable tier. I don’t need another glorified “E!” channel.
    And the final insult is having Dan Savage’s new show, “SavageU” clearly belonging on LOGO, being broadcast on sister channel “MTV”?
    Instead of “premie” whores and endless reruns of Buffy and leftover MTV/Comedy Central shows, just pull the plug.
    You’ve turned LOGO into a ‘clearance center’ that we have to pay extra for.

  • [email protected]

    I am not that enamored with seeing guys cross-dress…so 90% of Logo (otherwise known as the RuPaul Channel) is out for me. Recently I watched a gay-oriented film on Showtime…it was also broadcast on Logo within two weeks. Showtime allowed mild swear words and bare butts. Logo bleeped out the words and pixelated the butts. Logo is nothing but a poor imitation of a cable channel. I won’t grieve over its shutdown.

  • Tylertime

    Good idea Nikki. If Logo viewers contacted their cable providers and told them to cancel their higher tier package then Logo would have to listen. How many LGBT people subscribed to a more expensive cable package to get Logo? I know I did and so did my friends. Now that they aren’t interested in me as a viewer then I might as well stop paying for it. Why pay for a female skewing channel on a digital tier when I get that kind of programming on E! TLC, Bravo and Lifetime and I don’t pay extra.

  • Sarina

    I haven’t read AfterElton in a long time. I got tired of reading about programmes that had nothing to do with gay culture.

  • john

    with shows like the alist that do more to distroy the image of the gay community, and nearly all other programing geared toward the lesbian and transgender, and drag communities. Why would any self repecting gay man watch it. it shoul be logo the lbtd community. Since women are lesbians not gay. And for women to use the word gay is a slap in the face to our gay fore father. The term gay came about in the late 1800’s early 1900’s as a secret code for men identify each other (much like the red ties worn in manhattan in the middle of the last century) at a time when trying to reach out to someone could distroy you or get you killed. Yes celebrate or diversity, but remember to respect or past; after all it is what got use here.

  • TallCR

    @Lazycrockett: ROFLMFAO! I’m actually afraid for the sanity of half the AfterElton viewers. They seem to really think that “Glee” is an actual thing/place/group of people, and nothing can get them to grow out of Ryan Murphy’s weird view of high school. This (the heterosexualization of AE) is a continuing topic of comments and fury on the site itself. AE used to be my go-to place for gay info.; now it’s just a celeb./recap board. Fine, if that’s what you want, but JoeMyGod and Towleroad are, at least, 90% gay vs. AE’s 50% (and falling.) Sad, but true.

  • Shannon1981

    So far After Ellen seems to still be gay, but…IDK how long that will last. I am slowly but surely shifting to Autostraddle. At least I know they aren’t selling out.

  • Dale

    I don’t get it. Eden’s world….. on logo?

  • popquiz1956

    Logo has irritated me for awhile now. Like many of the comments I can’t understand the change to make the programming more mainstream — which you can get anywhere else. I used to be able to get “here!” on my DirecTV service — but they got rid of that a long time ago — they at least produce new movies and have some other original programming. I was excited about Logo when it started out and quickly learned that everything was edited to death and commercials every few minutes — I was wondering what the point of it was. The got rid of their two interesting original shows (“Noah’s Arc” and “The Big Gay Sketch Show”). Some of the documentaries they’ve shown have been interesting — though again the editing and commercials are distracting. I’ve been unable to get into any of the reality shows — as I’ve been unable to like any reality TV on any network — I can go to work and see more interesting people (I’m an RN). As far as I know they’ve only produced two original movies (“Noah’s Arc: Jumping The Broom” and “Were The World Mine” — the latter for which I will always be grateful).

    I’m hearing a lot of hate about drag queens in these comments and those comments make me ashamed for the LGBT community. Remember — the queens were a large part of the Stonewall riot. I think it must take some pretty big balls to dress up in a sequined dress and 6 inch heels. I’m not a watcher of RuPaul’s show but I have no problem with it being there — I personally don’t care if the straight’s think that is what we do in our personal lives — I know that my worth doesn’t hinge on what someone else thinks of me.

    I love that they’ve been showing and are a part of the AbFab reunion shows — I’ve loved those girls for years. Those two shows are the only thing I’ve watched on Logo in probably a year or so now — except I recently watched the most recent NewNowNext awards and thought they were an embarrassment.

    Logo could have been something great. A weekly variety show (such as what Ed Sullivan used to do) that gave exposure to gay musicians such as Tom Goss or Sacha Sackett — or gay stand-up comedians. That would be cool I think.

    So I will watch the channel now if something interesting comes on but it won’t be part of my regular viewing. I have probably a couple hundred gay-themed DVDs and I am never at a loss to find something that will catch my interest if I need to escape life.

  • Tylertime

    Logo didn’t produce WERE THE WORLD MINE. The film was shot and then they licensed the film. They did not financially back the film or have any editorial voice in the making of the film. It was a Speak Production.

  • Vadren

    The channel Free speech tv has a gay news program called ‘Gay Usa’ anchored by two seasoned GLBT activists. You’d think Logo would have tried to pick that up or make it’s own similar program? Instead they just focussed on reruns and censored movies for so long. The commercials for Eden’s world make me want to vomit.

  • PO'ed

    They need to either revamp this channel or shut it down altogether. Without new, original programming featuring gay leads, it’s just a heterosexualization of what could have been cutting edge tv. Lisa Sherman should be FIRED and there should be new blood at the helm who knows what they’re doing. They have lost me as a viewer.

  • Joe

    LOGOs real problem is playing the same movie 2 and even 3 times in the same day. The only movie we want to see all day long is A Christmas Story on Christmas day on another channel. Bravo can replay Housewives all day long and still not look stale because they order 22 hour long episodes and have multiple franchises. We get 8 to 12 episodes of two or three franchises that are in constant rotation which overexposes the shows limited material. And the filler of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, seriously do gays and lesbians have that issue?

    My other issue with LOGO is that I never know what’s playing. Without a consistent programming schedule that makes sense I do not change channels to see what’s on LOGO because whatever is on is half way through a movie or a marathon of an irrelevant show. Start weekday mornings with a cup of Glee and Rupaul to get ready for work. Mon thru Fri from noon to 2pm should be the daily matinee. Mon-Gay, Tues-Les, Wed-Drag, Thur-Docs, Fri-I’ntl (something with subtitles) 2pm to 4pm should be sitcoms like Will & Grace, Modern Family, Degrassi, Ellen, Drew Cary, Veronica’s Closet. Evenings should consist of themed movie nights and dramitc seriels and docs, PBSs In The Life, Pushing Daises, Nip/Tuck (just not 3 hours in a row of it), True Blood. After midnight like Comedy Central on the weekends go uncensored with Queer as Folk, L Word, Sex and the City, Oz, and even soft core material every night.

    The movies, there is a plethora of themes. Drag, Aids, Hustling, Coming Out, Love, Boy Crazy, Lesbian love, Lesbian health, Politics, Business, Foreign Films.

    When I’m bored on a given afternoon, I don’t even check what’s on Logo because it’s in the middle of a movie or a marathon and I don’t want to figure out where it is in the story to catch up. 90% of the times it’s SHOWGIRLS. If I knew LOGO always starts a movie at noon on Sun I may check it out if they didn’t replay it again at 5pm.

    Looking at TLA videos website there it a ton of content that a movie does not need to be play multiple times the same weekend. Once aired a movie shouldn’t see the light of day for a month or at least a full week.

    What was my point again?

  • stranded

    Personally i feel they made the mistake of pushing for gay centered shows that were subpar. Besides Drag Race, their shows were basically unwatchable. Cheap gimmicks and rehashed garbage, with poor writing, and acting.
    come out stories – nice but boring.
    pretty hurts- garbage
    Edens’ world – garbage
    Big Gay Sketch Show – horrible
    1G5G – good, but that’s an MTV show not an original LOGO show. Even so, it’s getting boring.
    I thought 365 gay news was great, such a shame they decided to cancel it.

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