How Would a Gus Van Sant-Directed Twilight Turn Out?

Gus Van Sant is among the big Hollywood names officially approached by Summit Entertainment about directing Breaking Dawn, the final (and, likely, two-part) Twilight film. Also on the list: Lost in Translation‘s champagne muse and Dreamgirls‘s Bill Condon. But it’s Van Sant, the Oscar-nominated Milk director, who has Robert Pattinson’s personal support. So what would a Van Sant version of Twilight look like?

Honestly, probably exactly like Twilight does now. Lots of atmosphere shots with the wind howling, and brooding by Edward and Jacob, because that is what Mr. Van Sant’s films are always about.

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  • Anne

    Two-part? Oh lord. Those books do not have enough substance for two-part movies, are they trying to copy Harry Potter or something?

  • matt

    Why would Gus Van Sant want to direct a movie that is written by a C*** (Stephanie Meyer) who donated to the Mormon church to YES on Prop 8.

  • Keldawgs

    twee, limp, avant, nubile, reticent, languid, paced, lurid, washed-out, and the vampires would only drink cum, I mean milk – but only at night, when it’s weird to.

  • Erick

    Awful…that is how. What a lame attempt to give credibility for this crap. And Van Sant would loose a good amount to it if he accepts.

  • andy_d

    Why does this site continue to promote the series of films written by a homophobic woman who contributed to YES on 8?

  • alan brickman

    Van would probably do the same job a straight director victory here….

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