Howard Bragman Stumbles: What Happened to Chely Wright On The View?

Yesterday was supposed to be Chely Wright’s balls-to-the-wall coming out publicity saga. But where were her sit-downs with The View and Larry King Live?

After Wright’s media blitz was neutered ahead of its arrival after this website first revealed Wright as the mystery celeb with a story to tell, and the story spread wide, interest quickly waned. She kept her Today show interview yesterday, but even that was at risk after publicist Howard Bragman got himself on every producer’s hate list.

But after Today, there was … nothing? A few hours later she was supposed to appear live with Joy, Whoop, and Babs. Except the only news out of that show was a Bristol Palin stop-in and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s tear-filled apology to Erin Andrews. And in the ultimate of snubs, The View welcomed The Dixie Chick’s Emily Robinson — a country singer! — on the show to perform.

On Larry King’s program, it was the John McCain and Rudy Giuliani show.

Interestingly, while Wright may have been booted from King’s show, she did appear on the lower-profile (but higher-rated) Joy Behar Show on HLN (clip above), where Lance Bass called in. And her pre-taped interview on Access Hollywood did run (according to the show’s website), and she’ll still appear on Ben & Dave’s Six Pack.

But this was certainly not the high-wattage roll out that Bragman tried engineering, and likely promised his client — who has more than just a coming out to promote, but a book and a new record.

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