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HRC Lists 7 Reasons to Support Referendum 71. All of Them Are White

Sure, 84.3 percent of Washington State is Caucasian, but are there no people of color there who will suffer if domestic partnership rights are removed? HRC couldn’t find any. And, because YouTube is the only indicator of lifeforms, we couldn’t either.

From a Seattle march earlier this month:

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  • Andrew

    These personal stories can be very helpful. I wish HRC had spent some of their money on production. It was cheaply done.

    Wait, HRC salaries are more important than our message. What was I thinking?

  • SeattleScott

    The personal message from real people are MUCH MORE effective than the lame protest and rally. This “angry demanding” is not effective because it does absolutely NOTHING to change any minds. In fact, it probably does the opposite.

    Equality is obtained by changing minds. We will be equal when people believe we are. Start talking ….

  • thomas johnson

    You guys at Queerty are completly fucked up. Obama addresses the gays…bad bad bad. Obama signs Hate Crimes…what good will that do for any in the GLBT community. Bad Bad Bad. HRC has a link to 7 reasons to support Ref. 71…bad bad bad. You are all bitchy queens that can’t find good in anything.
    We had a march about 3 weeks ago in DC…a good number of people turned out but I have yet to see on report of any people going home to their districts to lobby as a result of the march. What are you guys doing other than complaining?

  • extrabatteries

    im done with this site. pure gen x bullshit. cynics, pessimists, they never change, they never get anything done. queerty has made its case, and its just obsolete, pure irrelevant blogging. i have no idea why i took this as a valid news or at least commentary site. but i gave it a go, and it has nothing to offer except bitching and some half-ass gay stereotypes about body image, pop culture, and celebrity worship. but i have to say, the editors definitely found equally worthless shit-slinging members. im bored with it, youre deleted.

  • Brian

    @ No. 4 ExtraBatteries

    Great news. Move on.

  • Joey

    @extrabatteries: don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out sweetheart!

  • Mike

    Andrew: HRC did not create the videos. They are only linking them via Approve Ref. 71 campaign and the ACLU’s LGBT Project.

    Queerty is just making a dig at HRC about the fact that they are all white…even though they didn’t create the videos, fund the project or select the participants.

    The question Queerty should be asking is “Why aren’t people of color more vocal about the negative impact Ref 71 would have on them.”

    The HRC attacks are tired.

  • Mike L.

    Tom, Estra batteries don’t leave otherwise the only people to come to this site will mostly be cynical anti obama (read: racists) queens!

    I’ve already have planned to call all my reps and senators each and every days and tell them what bills I support and to push them to do it too, it wont really take more than 15 mins or 20 which isn’t that bad considering I can afford to skip an episode of The Golden Girls re-runs (I love those ladies!).

    And well I guess the first step is to mingle more with family and friends and start talking to them more (I’ve been neglecting them, lost my job it’s been 5 months so I’ve been pretty depressed), and go to my local LGBT group. Got a lot of time in my hands.

    It’s all in increments, also If I stop visiting queerty I can really get all of those things done and not really sacrifice more of my time, hm.

  • Mike L.

    Crap, forgot to spell check!

  • Attmay


    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, and good riddance.

    Go suck HRC cock while we actually fight for our rights. And I mean literally fight.

  • eric

    queerty has a problem with all white? then why are 98% of your morning goods white?

  • Andres

    @Eric: Queerty’s morning goods reflects the bias of the modeling industry. White sells.

  • trav

    it’s the northwest non-white visibility (more so in oregon usually) is ALWAYS a problem. yes lack of diversity in the region is ridiculous, especially if one compares California to the NW which a logical person should never ever do, and there are many debates about why that is as well.

    besides that, as previously mentioned, this does tons more than a protest.

  • CitizenGeek

    I still fail to see why the gay rights movement must have some kind of quota of minority ethnicities. Who gives a shit if the people in gay rights ads, or if the leaders of the movement, are European-Americans? I honestly wouldn’t care if every single person at every level of gay rights activism was African or Arab or Japanese or Chinese or any other of the ethnicities that I am not. The rights we’re fighting for apply to us all. What the fuck difference does it make if the people in these ads reflect the overwhelming majority of people in Washington state?

  • eric

    who gives a fuck? all the people in our movement who rarely see themselves represented in the leadership of the movement. the young arab queers who believe the american gay movement has nothing to do with them. the young gay asian man who never thinks he’s sexually attractive because all the media portrays is young white men.

    it’s a basic rule of life and advertising: you wear the clothes appropriate to the job you’re applying for, you cast a middle-aged woman if you’re selling cleaning products to housewives.

    you put out into the world what you want to attract. if all you want to attract are white people, then continue to just put white people in your campaigns. if you want all gay men to believe that just whites are attractive, then just keep putting white gay men in your morning goods.

    that’s who gives a fuck, you ass.

  • Harvey LiveSF

    It’s bad politics to not be diverse:

    1. Monoculturalism makes you stupid: see the Prop 8 leadership as example.

    2. Voters of color in general will be more thoughtful about LGBT issues if they see people of color advocating for them. Duh.

  • Pete

    Have any of you eternally bitching cynics at Queerty ever been to Washington State? It’s a wonderful place, but try to find a person from a racial minority in a gay venue, and you could be looking for months. After you find one, are they willing to go public on TV or youtube? The Native Americans are especially closeted, as are the Asian-Americans. We are not talking LA or NYC here, this is the Pacific Northwest.

    Also, since these are political ads, one should assume that they are targeting the needed demographic voter in the way that is most effective to get the votes from that group. The goal here is to WIN. But why try to WIN when you can just moan and complain at your keyboard as a Queerty editor?

  • eric


    i am someone who lived in seattle for 17 years. not sure if that is long enough to qualify me to comment on washington state or not, but i will anyway.

    it would take about TWO SECONDS to find a HUGE amount of queer men of color in Seattle, i could name a handful of gay bars off the top of my head where you would find a multitude of such men. no gay asian americans in seattle? that’s like saying there’s no gay white people in oklahoma.

    ridiculous comment.

  • Schteve

    I’m surprised no one’s pointed out what’s the even more glaring fact about all these videos. They may all feature white couples, but they also don’t feature any gay men. Six lesbians and one straight couples. Really?

    I’ve seen the same in all of the Protect Maine Equality ads. The only gay couples they show are lesbians. Because all them unknowingly homophobic straight voters they are trying to convince are too scared of gay men for it to resonate with them. But lesbians? Bring ’em on!

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