Sean Kennedy's Death Sparks Action

Hundreds Mourn Slain Gay

No doubt South Carolina homo Sean Kennedy would be touched to know that over 250 people turned out to mourn his death yesterday in Greeville. 20-year old Kennedy died May 16th after being punched once by 18-year old Stephen Andrew Moller, according to police.

While eulogizing her son with dozens of onlookers, Elke Kennedy remembered a strong, proud young man…

Sean was very proud of who he was. Sean loved life. He embraced people. He was compassionate, and he’s done so much. I couldn’t stay mad at him very long, if you look at his smile. All he had to do was smile at me.

The mourning mother also remembered when her child came out to her:

When Sean told me he was gay, he said, ‘Mom if you don’t want to love me anymore, that’s okay.’ And I looked at him and said, ‘I will never stop loving you no matter what you do.’ I was proud of him for who he was and for standing up for what he believed in.

Now Kennedy’s standing up for what she believes in. As we’ve mentioned, she and her family have started a non-profit, Sean’s Last Wish, though which they’ll fight to change South Carolina’s hate crime laws, which fail to include the queers. Kennedy expressed her frustration with the lackluster laws:

When I started looking into what laws are out there, I found federally and in South Carolina, there are hate crime laws, but they don’t include attacks on sexual orientation or disabilities for that matter, but it does include attacks on dogs, cats, and horses.

South Carolina’s lawmakers may think gays are less than dogs, but hopefully Sean Kennedy’s murder will show them just how human we all are.

Meanwhile, the FBI’s still looking into whether or not Kennedy’s death will be called a hate crime.

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