Idiot Teacher Suspended For Posting “I’m Gay” Sign To Teen’s Back

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.19.54 PMHe defended it as horseplay, but the administration of Aldergrove Community Secondary School in Lnagley, British Columbia (and the rest of the intelligent world) has another view of teacher Daniel Mark Ogloff’s actions.

He faces suspension for taping a sign the the back of a teenage student that read “I’m gay.” The student was unaware of the prank, and left Ogloff’s metal fabrication class only to be made fun of by fellow students and Ogloff.

Not exactly leading by example, Daniel. Though to be fair we’re sure you thought it was hilarious at the time.

Forgetting the impact on the teen who fell victim to his teacher’s “horseplay” (which, who knows, could have been mild or severe) — the image the stunt sends to gay and questioning teens is unforgivable. By Ogloff’s definition, being gay is something to laugh at, ridicule and demean. Classy.

Even classier, Ogloff took photos and allowed other students to snap images on their phones. Because, you know, cyber bullying isn’t at all a thing.

Ogloff, who has been previously been suspended for 10 weeks due to “acting unprofessionally and disrespectfully” during a separate incident, is basically the kind of teacher every parent wishes their kids never, ever get in high school.

h/t Gay Star News