If Chicago Cop Richard Fiorito Did Target Gays, He Won’t Be Doing It Today


On desk duty. That’s where you’ll find Chicago cop Richard Fiorito, who allegedly made repeated false DUI arrests of gays and lesbians around the Boystown neighborhood to put in for overtime while making court appearances.

Technically, desk duty is “administrative leave” for the officer accused of framing gays on drunk driving charges. Now more than 20 of them are filing civil rights lawsuits against the cop and the Chicago Police.

Not helping things: Video from Fiorito’s own dashboard cam showing Michael Vaughn, who Fiorito claimed was drunk, passing a field sobriety test just fine. That didn’t keep the cop from arresting and booking him.

Fiorito’s attorney Dan Gallagher, meanwhile, is hoping to kill any notion that his client intentionally targeted gays. “When a police officer is driving a car and he sees someone speed by or is swerving,” says Gallagher,” how can you tell if someone’s gay or not?” Well Fiorito didn’t have a problem, allegedly, calling those someones “faggots.”