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  • Elmo

    Don’t tell the kids about this!

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Would have been more powerful if done by Bert and Ernie.

  • belinda

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: But then they would have had to admit they are more than roommates.

  • RachelC

    False advertising. This is a phony video, just some guy who does a half-decent Kermit impression.

    This isn’t news. Kermit/Jim Henson’s estate/The Muppets have not taken a stance on this issue.

    I say this as a HUGE supporter of the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign – but this is copyright infringement, pure and simple, and Queerty should not be supporting it.

  • A Smitth

    Pretty sure this falls under parody so in that sense it is outside copyright infringement.

  • Chris Tuttle

    My description clearly states that I am not affiliated with Kermit, Muppets, Henson or Disney (who owns all rights)… just having some fun, pure entertainment and a good cause/message.
    Thanks for all the kind words!

  • Sacramento

    I thought this was fantastic. Who cares if it’s authentic, the message is sincere.

  • Lira

    This needs an “Epic” button. Seriously. Very nice job, it sounds a lot like the real Kermit :)

  • bob

    i am 12 and i am a kermit the frog lover, so, go kermit the frog, WHOO!!!!!!!

    you rock kermit miss piggy stinks!!!

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