If Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Was President We’d Have Marriage Equality

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MTV asked Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and James Valentine what they would do if they were president for a day. Levine—whose brother is openly gay—said he’d legalize federal marriage equality right off the bat, calling the current ban under DOMA “archaic.”

If Levine was president, we’d have to insist all State of the Union addresses were delivered shirtless.

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  • spooge bob

    but he’s not, Blanche, he’s not president

  • So What?

    Can’t stand this little attention seeker.

  • Anthony

    His brother is gay, so it makes sense.

  • Polyboy

    Except…real U.S. government doesn’t work like that. There’s this thing called


  • Kayo

    Exactly Polyboy, people are plain stupid if they think a president can really make decisions left and right like that, especially in the USA. There’s a whole machine in place people don’t understand.

  • Rockery

    Nice sentiment but STFU – idle comments when you know you won’t be president, and FYI if you said that you wouldn’t be elected

  • EJ

    What a tool. Can’t stand him or his awful band.

  • JameyBoy

    Air Force 1-President’s plane

    Air force 2-Vice President’s Plane

    Marine 1- The president’s Helicopter

  • KJ

    I’m not an M5 fan, but it’s a silly interview, with silly questions and silly answers (Though, of course, federal marriage equality would not be silly.). Breathe!

  • cam

    Soooo…..lets see.

    In an interview, somebody expresses support for Gay rights and people on here are attacking him?

    I’m going to take a wild guess here that these are the same people who are always single and go out to bars bitching all the time that everybody ELSE is an asshole and they can’t understand why they can’t find a boyfriend.

    Seriously, the guy said something supportive of gay rights, if you don’t like his music fine, but why attack the guy for making a statement of support?

  • Dave

    @Dan Avery I have to disagree with you, I would not insist State of the Union addresses were delivered shirtless. I would like to be able to pay attention to the address. I may however request a picture featuring the presidential penis. @Kj and @Cam could not agree with you more.

  • Charlie

    Are ALL the comments on Queerty articles this bitchy and obnoxious or are we just lucky to be stuck with a particular brand of snot nosed little bitches?

    I love Adam Levine and his support for LGBT. I’m so over the haters who simply hate him for being in a mainstream band. FYI—-you’re not impressing anyone simply because you’re not gaga over mainstream celebs like Adam Levine. *rolls eyes*

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