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If Only All Straight Celebs Handled Gay Rumors Like Johnny Galecki

You know Johnny Galecki from Roseanne. You may have seen his penis on stage in The Little Dog Laughed. And you might be jealous of him because his hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory just struck a hugely lucrative syndication deal. But now you’ll love him, and some of you will transform him into a gay icon, because of the way he (doesn’t) respond to the gay rumors.

Which is sort of the way Chace Crawford is handling things now.

Our favorite straight male celebs aren’t just hot and adorable guys who provide eye candy, but those who might actually want to grab a beer with us.

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  • Jaroslaw

    Well, personally, I had a hard time liking him on the show because he was TOO good of an actor; completely absorbing the part of wimpy, spineless “David.” He’s definitely a lot cuter now than he was then. And Bravo! that he doesn’t get bent out of shape by a Gay rumor.

  • Kieran

    In today’s culture if a guy isn’t married or have a girlfriend people automatically assume he must be gay. A guy without a girl = gay man. A girl without a man = strong, independent woman.

  • Lanjier

    Classy guy.

  • Qjersey

    Well Mr. Editor, you left out what he actually said:

    “I’ve never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that’s not offensive?”

    Now that is something to praise him for.

    Chace Crawford was quoted as saying “I just throw my head back and laugh.” Not exactly the gay positive stance of Mr. Galecki

  • Samwise

    @Kieran: “Strong, independent woman”? Like Elena Kagan? Please. Women without men are assumed to be gay too – either that or lonely, pathetic spinsters.

  • Joey O'H

    This is PR B.S. at it’s best. “The View” announces at the top (the beginning) of the show that Johnny Galecki will address the rumors that have been circulating him for years. Then Whoopi takes on the question and Johnny is almost surprised by it and says what he said. Okay, dude, don’t come out of the closet. You’re the only one that has to live with your own truths.
    But on the other hand, he sure did look and act very Queeny sitting there on the couch talking to the ladies.
    It was bizarre to say the least!

  • Joey O'H

    And Chace Crawford is the biggest fag walking around Chelsea. I bet he just throws his head back when he’s going down on some guy in the steam room. Puhleeze!!

  • Lamar

    @Samwise: Elena is definitely an exception it is undeniable that women are seen as independent and empowered if they are single (Single ladies – Beyonce, Miss independent – Neyo and so on) but men are characterized by women, gay men in particular know this, many times people will ask if you have a girlfriend or ask questions that assume you have an interest in the opposite sex. I find it odd that men seem to think we can’t function without women. Beautiful girls by Sean Kingston was so abysmally depressing with the theme of feeling suicidal because a girl left him if it was a woman she would be singing about how she doesn’t “need a man” (Pussycat Dolls).

  • Suburban

    @LANJIER, I 100% agree. He didn’t get defensive about the question like most actors do these days. Is it such a horrible thing to be gay? I loved the way he answered the question and I’ve never heard an actor say that before. Can Tom Cruise say that. Barbara Walers asked Mr. Cruise about a supposed tape of him having sex with a man and he said ‘that’s disgusting’…if he is gay then it wouldn’t be if he was into that sort of thing. There is a small handful of actors coming out, I think the list will grow. Maybe Cruise will come out when he’s over 70 like Richard Chamberlain did.

  • hephaestion

    That’s the best answer to that question since Brendan Fraser said something like “Me gay? No, but I’m flattered to be thought so.” That was in the mid-90’s.

    Bravo Brendan & Johnny!

  • LAPlowmaster9

    When I first moved to Southern California. I met Johnny Galecki, in WeHo. He was driving around the streets that are behind the local gay bars on Santa Monica Blvd. One thing led to another and I got into his car and went back to his place. We had an amazing 2 days of raw, hot, skin 2 skin sex. So, Yes…. I do know that he is indeed – GAY!!

  • jjdonebar

    Imagine … REAL CLASS still exists! :)

  • Geoff

    @LAPlowmaster9: Whether your story is true or not, you’re such a slimeball for blabbing it. Ech. So desperate.

  • nikko

    GEOFF, are you serious?! What’s wrong with LAPLOWMASTER9 telling the truth, if it is??!!


    Hi @LAPlowmaster9
    I know how is it according to your comment, as is Johnny Galecki in bed?
    I have had sex with him several times some years ago, and I’m a woman.

  • Halm


    Johnny Galecki does not seem much, but he is a shy man, even with women.
    Perhaps, he will get up a gay in the middle of the street??
    When you invent things, at least that seem credible…please. This looks like a comment from someone who likes to discuss things that is never confirm anything on IMDB.

  • DIGO

    @nikko: Yo puedo decir, que vi a nikko atras de la calle XXX, jugando y agarrando con unos chicos, y el me llamo y yo me acerque a el y fuimos a un hotel…y hemos pasado todo un fin de semana lleno de placer y sexo salvaje, asi que puedo decir con toda verdad (si yo) que nikko es gay.

    Vez que facil es inventar cosas :) (donde estan las pruebas)una foto o algo, vamos no es tan dificil de hacer eso.

  • nikko

    DIGO, can you please translate that? I don’t speak Spanish!

  • DIGO

    @Joey O’H:

    I wrote not with intentions to offend anyone, just gave as an example how easy it is to write on the Internet.

    Because LAPlowmaster9 not said before in some other website that what “supposedly” had with JG, if he “knows so well” should be even a fan of JG, whether before already talked about gay rumors about JG.

    LAPlowmaster9 just says, when ask that question JG recently?
    There is a bit weird?, Seeing as this guy first integer that JG is going to be in the view ..
    I guess that guy must be a follower of JG.
    because LAPlowmaster9 do not comment before this somewhere else?

    Generally and I’m not saying that LAPlowmaster9 said to be lying, just that it’s strange for someone to speak to this, at that time and not before?

    I read somewhere other comments in which he says, because JG did not respond “I’M NOT GAY” in a world in which we live where everything you do, whether famous or not, can be interpreted a thousand ways, because the men heterosexuals need to say. Really is need?? “I’M NOT GAY” perhaps there is something wrong. To say NO, it is as if refusing to something like if you were a thief or a drug addict, usually the negation of something is taken in many ways.

    JG is a man of 35 years, as was recently pointed over a relationship, because he has to go in the pantomime of people who see only GAY in everything around them?

  • DIGO

    User Error .-
    The previous commentary was originally for NIKKO

  • Jesse Helms

    Señor Galecki es muy caliente. I would tap him in a raw heartbeat if I could.

  • nikko

    Thanks, DIGO.

  • DIGO

    Not that I want to be involved in this matter…but

    @Joey O’H:
    How did you know that JG was listening to what Whoppi said(the beginning)about that JG would make statements on the rumors circulating about him?…you must be his agent or something like that of JG…I suppose.
    Say hi to Johnny Galecki FOR ME. Please :) hahaha…

    (Sorry but I understood from this form)

    “Some time ago when I moved to LA, I met JG…We had an amazing 2 days of raw, hot, skin 2 skin sex…..I just saw on the view to JG…ohhhh………WAIT!!!!
    I just remembered that I had slept with JG”

    *shakes head*

  • bromunm

    The question would never have been asked on live TV if it had not been cleared in advance. The View would never try to trap one of its guests by surprising them with a question like that. That’s not how The View operates; they want a reputation of being celeb friendly.

    His answer is wonderful — “I’ve never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that’s not offensive?” It is indeed a perfect answer to that question.

    In fact, it’s so perfect, its one he could never have thought of off the top of his head. The answer had to have been scripted in advance. No doubt by his publicist.

    So, the bigger question really becomes what’s going on that Johnny suddenly needs to address these rumors? The rumors have been around for about a decade. So, why address them NOW? Is he up for a movie role or something?

  • Kaley

    @Kieran: um… no. Usually we Girls without a man are dubbed: poor pathetic spinsters.

  • story

    @LAURA: How was he?

  • Frank

    Has anyone noticed the enormous bulge in his corduroy pants on The Big Bang Theory? He’s either really hung or has huge low hangers…or both…and always hangs to the left.

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