If Rep. Jared Polis Backs D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, Will You?

Adrian Fenty, the mayor of Washington D.C., may have signed the city’s same-sex marriage bill into law, but the gays (namely, activist Lane Hudson) haven’t exactly been impressed with his otherwise lacking record with queers. Enter Jared Polis.

The gay congressman was on hand last night at the club Halo, where some 100 LGBTs gathered for a chance to hear Fenty speak (and donate to his re-election campaign). And it’s there that Polis gave the mayor his endorsement, side-stepping gay issues besides marriage and focusing on Fenty’s other achievements, like education — which, of course, Fenty has also been called out on.

Is one gay elected representative’s cheerleading enough to turn the tides? Certainly not. But that Polis was even on hand is an indication Fenty has heard the criticism from the capital’s LGBTs and, as politicians are wont to do, is mounting an offensive defense.