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If Ugandans Fail to Report Homosexuality Just Twice, Will They Be Put to Death?

Is Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill still that confusing for you? You know, the parts where, in the bill under review, gay Ugandans would be subject to the death penalty and severe prison terms for being human beings that physically express their love? But the bill doesn’t just go after gays, but citizens who know about gays. And their failure to report them to authorities is punishable by a three-year prison sentence. So what happens if you twice fail to report a homosexual? You become serial offender yourself.

Rob Tisinai reads through the proposed legislation and finds outrageous punishments for non-homosexuals. Which explains why some religious leaders are perfectly fine with everything in the bill, minus the “reporting homos” mandate.

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  • romeo

    This kind of social control isn’t just ignorance, it’s certifiable stupidity. Not even the Nazis would have seriously considered this. Such a low order of mentality is not going to be able to keep control over an already miserably poor and fragile a society. They’re obviously determined to go the Idi Amin route, and it will wind up the same way.

  • B

    No. 1 · romeo wrote, “This kind of social control isn’t just ignorance, it’s certifiable stupidity. Not even the Nazis would have seriously considered this.”

    To see Nazis showing similar levels of stupidity, rent the film “To be or not to be”, the original not the remake. It has Jack Benny playing a ham Polish actor in Warsaw playing the part of a Nazi, both in a silly play and in a resistance operation that he is completely ill-suited for.

    There’s a running joke about a lame joke, “They named a battleship after Bismark and a brandy after Napoleon, and Hitler is going to end up as a piece of cheese.” It usually gets followed with “I don’t think that is very funny. Neither would the Fuehrer.” And then “Oh, I hope you don’t think I’m disloyal, …” Then, they had a “real” Nazi telling the ham actor Jack Benny was playing, who was pretending to be a Nazi, “Oh, I saw him once before the war. What he did to Shakespeare, we are doing to Poland.”

    That’s the level of stupidity to which Uganda is sinking. It would be a comedy if this nonsense wasn’t threatening people’s lives.

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