If Womanizing Toronto Mayoral Candidate Adam Giambrone Isn’t Gay, Maybe He’s … Bi?

Adam Giambrone, the Toronto mayoral candidate mistaken as A Gay, and then positively ID’d as a womanizer, might have a new dimension to his growing celebrity: that he’s actually bi.

The 32-year-old city councilor responded on Facebook last month to a NOW Magazine reporter’s assumption that he was gay like so: “Amused but not entire surprised to learn in NOW magazine that I’m supposedly gay. Easy mistake, given my great relationship with LGBTQ people/communities, and our long-standing mutual support. But so as not to mislead anyone, I should correct the record: I’m not, in fact, gay.”

Moreover, in an interview with Canada’s The Star, Giambrone was amused by the rumors that he’s anything but straight: “Giambrone, who was laughing throughout an interview with the Star, said there have been rumours about his sexuality. Some people have even asked him if he’s gay. Others have asked his partner, Sarah, about it. Giambrone said she’s used to it. ‘I’ve told people it doesn’t matter, but because it was in a magazine I thought I might as well take an opportunity to clarify that,’ said Giambrone, who also called the magazine to set the record straight.”

Except maybe there’s a modicum of truth to the rumors?

A one Maurie Sherman called in to a morning radio show to claim he went on a blind date with Giambrone three years ago. They only had dinner, but it was definitely a date, he says; Giamrbone picked up the tab. The comment about his sexuality came via text — Giambrone told him he was bisexual prior to their date at the restaurant Il Fornello. They’ve spoken a few times since, but Sherman is now happily partnered, as is Giambrone (though, as he’s admitted, there are multiple partners).

Are we to believe every radio caller’s stories? Of course not. But as reader Adam, who tipped us off to the story about the “incompetent mayoral candidate,” says via email: “Nobody in Toronto believes he’s straight.” But: “The interesting/cool thing about Toronto is that being gay here is as relevant as having brown hair. The leading candidate for mayor is married to a man and has talked publicly about doing party drugs and nobody cares.”

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  • fredo777

    hmm maybe i should move to toronto.

    although, i’ve heard that canada’s tax paperwork is a true b*tch.

  • A now confused John from England

    @fredo777: That’s the English in them!

  • Matt Thomas

    It should be noted that Maurie Sherman didn’t call into a radio show it was first mentioned on-air at Virgin Radio where he works as a radio producer, he mentioned it during the morning show and had apparently told the hosts about it years ago and it was common knowledge he just saw fit to mention it given the media storm around Giambrone. So if he made it up he took a risk loosing his job over it, the lack of response is interesting only because we seem to punish him for not being honest not for doing it.

  • Franco

    @Matt Thomas: Re: calling into the radio station he works at: I still find it crazy that Queerty doesn’t check its facts before publishing. I know it’s not the big a deal but it’s not the first, and I assume not the last time this has happened.

  • Franco

    Oh, and uhh… Toronto is the greatest city in the world.

  • Franco

    @Franco: Whoops, I meant “it’s not that big a deal” not “it’s not the big a deal.” Sorry.

  • Kris

    Having filled out both US and Canadian tax forms. Canadian ones are WAY easier, takes about me about 15 minutes a year.

  • fredo777

    @Kris: Are you serious? I ask because a friend who’s Canadian mentioned the ridiculously long stretch of forms needed to complete his taxes.

  • InscrutableTed

    “The leading candidate for mayor is married to a man and has talked publicly about doing party drugs and nobody cares.”

    Well, just to be clear: he said that the drugs were more than a decade in his past, and were part of an addiction.

    If he were still a drug user, I imagine Torontonians would care.

    But yeah, nobody cares that he’s gay, and he’s a shoe-in to win now that neither Giambrone or Tory are running.

    About the only thing that could derail his campaign is if it’s revealed that he’s been cheating on his husband with some 19 year old girl for the past year.

    (Actually, even then, he’d probably still win. Unlike Giambrone, Smitherman isn’t running on being “likeable”.)

  • Ryan

    If nobody cares if you’re gay in Toronto, then why would he lie? Closet cases tend to vote and speak out against gays, not in support of them. Someone calling in a radio show and claiming to have gone on an apparently chaste “date” with Adam is the flimsiest of evidence.

  • Symonds

    Might have been an experimental phase. Straight people are allowed to have them too, especially in Toronto. And this is obviously a guy comfortable with sex in general.

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